Will AAP win be the beginning of hate politics’ end?


Amid the hissing of all the snakes and serpents of Hindutva, who came out thinking that their time has finally come, the common man has spoken and spoken decisively to reject the politics of hate, violence, goondaism, corruption and othering of large sections of the country’s population. The common man has spoken against the forced gharwapsi, fake Love Jihad, low-intensity communal warfare, Hindutva terror, day-dreaming the advent of the “Hindu Rashtra” and unleashing a barrage of false propaganda against minorities which led even the leader of the world superpower to take note and has compelled foreign newspapers like New York Times to write a series of editorials expressing alarm as these policies do not mean chaos and destruction of India alone but of the whole South Asian regions and world peace.

AAP’s decisive win in the national capital’s elections in which the BJP/RSS had thrust all its money, muscle and deceit power and had even borrowed big guns-on-hire, has shown that the Gujarat Model, Modi Wave and the fake Development Agenda are now finally buried. Common man has decisively voted for real democracy and secularism. The time for the elitist one-man, two-man dictatorships is over. People want real progress, real peace and real hopes for a worth-living present and a shining future which they rightly deserve but the Hindutva ilk was adamant to drag the country thousands of years back to a mythological Bharat which exists only in a few crooked brains which find power and energy from a single source: hate. They had won the elections last May by default, as a result of Congress failures but they thought that the people had finally come round to support their hate agenda.

Now the field is wide open for AAP to march ahead, to shape the future of India. We hope AAP leaders will continue their march and will not belie the high hopes and expectations of the common man. With a Congress, which is half-dead and yet pursuing soft Hindutva, the road is clear for AAP to advance and offer India a real corruption-free life, a true welfare state, exploiting all the possibilities for India to emerge as a world leader in economy as well as in morality, justice and fair play. Time will tell if the AAP team remembers the lessons of the past or is hijacked by the black sheep in economy and politics which try to latch on to every winning bandwagon.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2015 on page no. 1

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