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He belonged to Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency. By nature, he was a kind man, but a family feud had brought him to jail. His overall nature was well cultured even after receiving death penalty which was switched to deportation to Kalapani. In 1869, he reached the Andaman Islands. By this time, he had made up his mind to kill a high ranking English Officer for revenge for giving him an unjust sentence. The little amount of money that he would earn while serving in jail would always be given away to other poor prisoners as charity. Moreover, every second or third month, he would provide some food for the orphaned prisoners as well. The officers did not strictly monitor his activities because of his charitable nature. Sher Ali Khan told the courts that he had waited for almost all day near the small ship which the Viceroy would board. After killing the Viceroy, he was asked by the courts about who had hired him to do this job. He would simply reply that, "I killed him by the Order of Allah!" On the 11th of March 1873, when he was brought to the gallows, there was a look of satisfaction in his eyes. He kissed the rope from which he would be hanged and exclaimed, "When I made this intention (of killing the viceroy), I had already envisioned myself over here". He addressed the gathering who had come to watch the penalty being enforced, "Brothers, I killed your enemy. You be witness that I am a Muslim." With this, he recited the Kalma Shahadah. Twice he was able to complete it. The third time, he was not able due to suffocation. (

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Answer to the WORD Jumble: Sher Ali Khan

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