“Support to ISIS”: Clarification by Maulana Salman Al-Husaini

Maulana Salman Husaini Nadwi, a prominent scholar and teacher at Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama of Lucknow has been in the news for his supposedly supportive letter to ISIS self-appointed Khalifa, for which he was criticised. He has now issued the following clarification:

All Muslims are informed that the popular armed campaign that is going on against the cruel and tyrant rulers of Syria and Iraq and on the basis of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s movement Daaish’s success after liberating many areas of Syria, Iraq’s Mosul and other cities from the occupation of a cruel and oppressive criminal like Noori Maliki, I had made a demand to Al-Baghdadi in an open letter to fulfil his responsibility to establish an atmosphere of peace and justice, to declare amnesty in the conquered areas and bring an end to the Shia-Sunni differences. I had written this letter on 7 July against which some people started a campaign in order to preach and spread communalism. The [Lucknow] newspaper Aag in its headline on the first page had spewed venom of communalism, after which I had made statements in newspapers saying that it is the worst form of journalistic dishonesty to distort and misinterpret the call for peace, justice, Shia-Sunni brotherhood and hatching a conspiracy to harm peace.

In any case I had been watching the conditions and I am sorry to say that the request made by me on humanitarian grounds were not fulfilled. Rather, Daish’s subsequent activities dashed all my hopes. Acts of murder on religious and sectarian grounds, fanatical and violent stands and attitudes about other Islamic organisations and movements, talk of apostasy, particularly extremely misplaced and violent views about Muslim Brotherhood and Jabhtul Nusrah movements, barbarous behaviour against the Christians of Mosul which is wrong in the light of the events after the conquest of Jerusalem by Hazrat Umar who not only protected the Christian Church but also offered prayer outside the church lest Muslims should subsequently convert it into a mosque by force. And when Hazrat ‘Amr ibn Al-’Aas conquered Egypt, he did not demolish the pyramids inside which there were graves of the Pharaohs, and other idols of that region. When the respected Companions conquered Afghanistan, they did not break Buddha’s statues and adopted a kind and affectionate attitude towards the minorities in consequence of which the entire country entered the fold of Islam. Hence the activities of Daaish are wrong from the Islamic point of view and only help to defame Islam.

What is more dangerous and condemnable is that, instead of repairing mosques and tombs, it considered it an Islamic act to demolish them, which too is not proper. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said “I have been ordered to fight the people” in the context of the polytheists of Arabia only, which was ordained in Surah Bara’at. Hence, whatever orders, the Prophet had given were particularly for that place because the Arabian island was accorded a special status. The Companions did not do it when they conquered other countries. Because of these activities, the leadership of Daish appears to be narrow-minded, violent and a false reprehensive of Islam which is harmful to Islam and to the world of Islam.

After these incidents coming to light, I inform and warn all Muslims not to be cheated by the slogans of Daish and till they do not prove their sense of justice and broad-mindedness required by Islam, people should not be influenced by this group. At the same time, I also want to request Shia brethren not to consider injuring the feelings of Sunnis as a part of their faith, to follow the Qur’anic teachings and not differentiate between the Companions and Ahl-e Bait. I am a son of Husain and this has been the way followed by our forefathers and all Ahl-e Bait. Sayyidna Hasan and Sayyidna Husain are leaders of the youth in Paradise. With whomsoever Sayyidna Hasan entered into peace treaty, we too are in agreement with them and with whomsoever Sayyidna Husain fought in war, we too are at war with them. Muslims and Islamic world should follow and adopt these common views and strengthen their unity.
I appeal to all Muslims to stand by Hamas, Al-Qassam and the Muslim Brotherhood against Israel and help them in every possible way and express their opposition, disapproval and hatred against the present pro-Israel, rather Jewish agent, government of Egypt. What English newspapers have written about my alleged calling for half a million people’s army to fight against Saudis in Iraq is stupid and mad. I was holding the view that journalism of English newspapers [in our country] is more reliable and respectable but it has now been exposed that it lies and it’s no better than the chatterings of an old village hag.

I hope that this statement of mine will be considered as my last one and no false statements will be ascribed to me.

Salman Al-Husaini, Lucknow
(Translated from Urdu by MG staff)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2015 on page no. 5

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