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Court reinstates youth expelled on false terror claim

A Jaipur court has ordered the Infosys to take back Electronics engineer Rashid Hussain whose services were wrongfully terminated after his detention by Rajasthan police on suspicion of being involved in 2008 Jaipur blast.The Special Operations Group (SOG) of Rajasthan Police had picked up Mr. Hussain on 1 June 2008, and had detained him for nine days. Later on he was released without framing any charges. Rashid while speaking at a press conference in Jaipur on 13 April said that the humiliation of being branded anti-national and terrorist haunts me even today. I am just one among hundreds of educated Muslims across the country whose life and career were ruined because of false charges after every blast that takes place in the country. Rasheed was swarwaraly sacked following his detention but he claims that he was harassed by his employer because of his religious identity in the aftermath of his illegal detention. Mr. Hussain felt he was a victim of communal profiling and thereby had challenged his dismissal in a labour court. The court not only asked Infosys to reinstate him but also pay all his wages and salaries, and benefits retrospectively Kavita Srivastav, general secretary of PUCL in Rajasthan, who had provided legal aid to Hussain, said, “Rashid was one of the few who refused to be cowed down. After his release and then termination, he stuck with us; helping out others detained, and crafted a new career for himself.” Kavita also said that his detention had revealed a nexus between government and corporate sector to target innocent and qualified Muslims in the run up to the war against terror. By recalling his odd days after he was expelled from his service Rashid said, “It made the people believe that I indeed did something seriously wrong and people started ostracising me. I had come to a dead end and my career was at the crossroads as nobody gave me a job.”

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This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2011 on page no. 11

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