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Top 6 Most Popular Careers in India for 2015


There is a widespread tendency that people think about getting a new job as a part of their New Year’s resolutions, or when they feel they want to start all over at different place. Anyways, whether you want a new job because of holiday’s soul-searching, or any other reason, you should be familiar with the job market and prospects for its future.

With the great development of information technology sphere and web surfing becoming a significant part of our lives, there are lots of job opportunities appearing in this sphere. Another thing that may affect job market is so-called fashion for the career that can be promoted by the government, or caused by certain movies or TV shows focused on specific professions.

Here you have a list of six most popular and promising careers in India for 2015. This means, the employers are craving for the talents and they are ready to pay for one. Moreover, the numbers show that these spheres will need qualified professionals for the next couple years. You can find these entries at JobTonic as well.

1)    Sales managers play a role of guide for the sales team of the company, supervising and being responsible for the distribution of the company products to clients. Among the daily responsibilities are: developing sales strategies for sales team to operate, analyzing and establishing sales territories for team to target, as well as outlining training programs for the staff of the company and your team. The median salary is about Rs 4,84,844.
2)    Speech-Language Pathologist have median salary about Rs 5,21,176, and work with people having most types of the speech problems, such as dyslexia or brain injuries that cause troubles with speech and hearing. Today speech-language pathologists work with geriatric patients suffering from aphasia, as well as with children and even newborns born with cleft palates or any other nursing troubles causing speech difficulties.
3)    Physical Therapists are one of the first professionals one will be referred if having neurological traumas or any physical issue preventing from normal body and extremities functioning. Therapists plan and execute the recovery and treatment procedures, as well as educate person through the recovery process. With the salary about Rs 1,22,890, it will have even more job entries to fill due to aging population as well.
4)    Medical and Health Services Manager. Known also as healthcare executives, these are the professionals who specialize in planning, directing and controlling the healthcare delivery. This usually requires working at a certain clinical department, or supervising the whole medical facility. Some of the varieties in this field are nursing home administrators, assistant administrators, and clinical managers. The salary is up to Rs 5,65,999, while predicted job increase is 6%.
5)    Web Developers today can be earning up to Rs 3,37,573, and the increasing influence of Internet and everything behind it means they will have even more work during the next couple years or more. There are a lot of things involved into creating a website, from designing the final looks of the website to programming all this to life. If you know how to do all these, you are familiar with Web applications and design in general - there is a job entry waiting for you!
6)    Computer System Administrator is not a job for those faint hearted people, as long as companies today literally depend on their networks, and any troubles within those should be corrected immediately. Besides from correcting malfunctions with all the hardware and software administrators are to update all the equipment, as well as operate and manage telecommunication work if the company has employees working from home. If you are brave enough to do such work, you will be rewarded with Rs 2,16,809 salary.   

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