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Hashim Qidwai’s book reviews released

New Delhi: “Though it is not easy for me to comment on Hashim Qidwai Saheb’s reviews, yet I have learned much from his vast knowledge and profound studies as his student during my student days at AMU. What I have learned from him about the politics of Central Asia has helped me in my entire life,” said Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India while releasing a book comprising Hashim Qidwai’s book reviews, here on 8 April. Hashim Qidwai not only reads thoroughly every book he reviews but he also reads about its author and compiler, the Vice President said, adding that the alertness and commitment of Hashim Qidwai is very rare now. Presiding over the function, Prof. Sadiqurrehman Qidwai said that Dr. Hashim Qidwai reads everything very deeply and whenever he finds any historical or factual fault he can’t help pointing it out.

On this occasion, Mohammad Adeeb, MP, said that he always seeks guidance from Hashim Qidwai on political, social, national and community issues, because his opinion has always proved to be correct. Citing his uncle Maulana Abdul Majid Daryabadi, a famous Urdu litterateur, and his training, Qidwai said that what Daryabadi taught him regarding book reviews has been a guide for him and has become a must for a reviewer to read deeply the book under review, and highlight its hallmarks and virtues. And if the book deviates from facts and accepted moral values, then no favour should be shown to the writer. But making personal attacks should be avoided. He said that he has tried his best to abide by this principle. On this occasion, journalist Masoom Muradabadi said that Dr Qidwai is a personality with a deep historical, social and civilisational sense. And he is a living encyclopaedia of his age. The unwavering of faith he has is very rare these days. Arif Iqbal, compiler and publisher of the book, said that Hashim Qidwai is not only a daring and bold reviewer, but his pen doesn’t hesitate in saying the right thing and supporting the wronged and the oppressed. He is against all kind of moral turpitude. These basic qualities of his pen, make him a unique reviewer, a rare critic and an affectionate counsellor.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2011 on page no. 18

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