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Church Desecrations: CSF Ultimatum to Govt. No more silence of the lambs

Open Letter to Modiji - The Christian Secular Forum (CSF) gives 2 Weeks Ultimatum to Govt

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Sub: Indian Christians Are Angry. Seek Assistance from Those Who Can Help.

Ref: Enough of Memorandums. We Need to act. Contact

It is time to stay at home and set our house in order. The attacks on minorities, especially the peace-loving Christian soft-targets has certainly not gone down well with the developed nations, whom you seek to impress and whose assistance is necessary for India's progress. Even Mr. Sanjay Kirloskar, noted industrialist is of this view.

These attacks are giving you the same image in the comity of nations, as that when you were Gujarat CM, which is not what the CEO of the country should have. Its time for introspection and walk the talk. We need action asap. The least India needs is sanctions at the moment.

The Cardinals, Bishops and leaders have met you or demonstrated and come back to the community with lip service. How long do you expect Indian Christians to remain silent, while we are being demonized and targeted.

This is no good governance. And there cannot be any development without harmony or justice. We look forward to action from your end within 2 weeks. Or Indian Christians will have to prepare themselves to legally deal with the situation.

We can't remain quiet any longer.

Your brother in Christ,

Joseph Dias, Gen Sec., The CSF +91 9769555657

Founder, The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum

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