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Campus Front of India kick starts ‘Campaign Against the State Terrorism’

Gulbarga (26 April 2015) : “How Can You remains Silent: When government Goes on Killing Own people?“ Was the question Raised in the protest that as held against State terrorism and fake encounters in particular. Students belonging form different colleges joined together under the banner of campus front to protest against what they termed as the state terrorism.

The Program happened to be the inaugural program of the Karnataka state and was the kick-start of the 5-day National Campaign against State Terrorism. Students raised slogans against the unjust and extra judicial killings. Coming Down heavily on the extra judicial killings, Campus Front National Secretary Talha Huseyn Gulbargavi said “These Fake Encounters are a tool to oppress the marginalized communities. It is used to subdue the marginalized people when all the other forms of oppression like black laws (UAPA, AFSPA etc) and other tactics like mental harassment and illegal arrest and torture fail to get the results. It is one of most gruesome form of State terrorism. It’s one of the Fundamental duty of the state to protect its citizens, but in case of fake encounters the state not just abdicates and fails the citizens those who trust it, but also acts as an enemy.”

In his presidential Address, State President Campus front Abdul Raheem Saeed remarked “Countless number of people is being killed in Border States where draconian security laws like AFSPA are in effect. Peoples protests has to be brought up against such encounters that take place on suspicious occasions like either government is in some crisis and desperately in need of an issue to divert people’s attention or security agencies want more funds. Manipur, Kashmir, Ishrath Jahan, Hashimpura, Batla House, the number of governments killings with our own tax money are on the rise. The encounter killings with impunity are increasing despite the fact that many encounter specialists have been convicted and punished. Perhaps it might be our turn next to be targeted and labelled in this manner. All other anti-people policies which are promoting and abetting the communalism and corruption to are forms of state terrorism.“

Dr Suhail Naik Campus Front SEC member Karnataka “Encounter killings are becoming a daily occurrence in our country. It is been a while since this new trend began that our police kill citizens in cold blood and fabricate stories labelling them terrorists afterwards. Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis are mostly the victims of these state sponsored murders. Such sporadic encounters are being staged at specific intervals in order to serve the vested interests of police and security agencies. The latest examples are the killings of 5 Muslim under-trails in Telangana and the massacre of 20 Tamil dalit labourers in Andhra Pradesh. The government keeps parroting the police version that the youth who were found handcuffed and locked to the seat in the police vehicle were shot at because they tried to snatch guns and attack police. As usual, Police versions of both incidents are farfetched even to a kid. Students were also addressed by Bahujan Vidhyarthi Sangh Dist Coordinator Jai Bheem Shinde .

The program ended with vote of thanks Basith Arsalan (Gulbarga Dist Secy) who said “All this is happening in our society and students being a Vital part of society cannot sit idle in campuses. Campus Front being a National Students Organization has decided to organize a National level 5-day campaign against the state terrorism. We will continue to hold different programs in coming days.“

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