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Urdu newspapers essential for promotion of science

New Delhi: Director Engineer of Vigyan Prasar, Anuj Sinha said while speaking at a workshop organised for Urdu journalists that the services of Urdu newspapers are essential for the promotion of science and technology. Taking the help of Urdu newspapers is an important need of the time for spreading the knowledge of technology and science among common people, particularly among Muslim youths. Another noted scientist, T.V. Venkateshwar said that today it has become essential that all activities and knowledge of science should be published in Urdu newspapers. Not only this but the latest articles on science and scientific matters must be published in Urdu newspapers.

In this workshop questions were raised, as to why after all scientific articles or articles about scientific information are virtually non-existent in Urdu newspapers and scientific magazines also are rarely found and if at all there were some previously, their number is shrinking and at people's level no reaction is being expressed among Muslims.

Convener of the workshop, Dr. Irfana Begum said that the objective of this workshop was to associate the activities of Vigyan Prasar with Urdu newspapers. According to her, it was decided in this workshop that according to the programme laid down by Vigyan Prasar, questions based on science will be provided to Urdu newspapers for three months. Urdu Newspaper readers who furnish correct answers will be given prizes.

Scientific questions will be given to Urdu newspapers every week and every week two persons who provide correct answers will be selected. This will create interest among readers of these newspapers about science and they (Vigyan Prasar people) will also get a feed-back. After three months scientific articles will be published in Urdu newspapers. She said that help of NCPUL and Centre for Promotion of Science, AMU etc. is proposed to be sought. Dr. Irfana said that preparations for this are going on and a team is being constituted for this.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2011 on page no. 18

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