Was CWG a Congress-BJP "common wealth" partnership "game"?

Much expected Income-tax raids on prominent BJP leader Sudhanshu Mittal and his family-members in context of XIX Common Wealth Games (CWG)-2010 raises doubt about corruption-game in CWG-2010 to be a "family-business" between certain leaders of ruling Congress and main opposition party BJP. If at all BJP is so much sensitive about corruption in CWG-2010, it should have courage to expel Sudhanshu Mittal and others involved from the party. Likewise Congress should present its clean image by expelling those doubted for big corruption-game in CWG-2010.

Income Tax and other raids now in relation to CWG-2010 are not expected to yield complete results because these were well expected by those raided, and they are clever enough not to leave proofs for the big corruption-game. In addition to raids, Union government should direct intelligence authorities to follow the suspected ones for long time by all means including phone-tapping. It may be noted that during initial exposures of corruption-games in CWG, BJP leaders also tried to downplay such charges. But BJP had to be vocal on such charges when media continued to expose scams after scams

Present rapid rise in price of gold may be result of huge part of CWG-money being invested in yellow metal. If Union government is really sensitive to unearth CWG-money, it should take drastic step to stop currency in big denominations of rupees five hundred and one thousand notes apart from a package of other steps which may leave unaccounted currency nothing but ordinary "paper" of no practical use!

MADHU AGRAWAL, DELHI,  E-mail  subhashmadhu@sify.com   www.subhashmadhu.com

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