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Mahfoozur-Rahman Memorial Lecture


New Delhi: The 10th Memorial Lecture in the memory of the celebrated journalist Mahfoozur Rahman (d. 6 February, 2010) was held at the Ghalib Academy here on 25 May, under the auspices of  the United Muslim of India. Famous journalist, Sheesh Narain, delivered the lecture on   "Basic problems of the Indian Muslims and their solution". He said "Mahfoozur-Rahman was a renowned journalist who continued to wage a struggle throughout his life using his pen. He was a principled and honest journalist."  Sheesh Narain said that no one is going to help Muslims unless they themselves come out to help themselves. He pointed out that Muslims have been systematically subjected to injustice. First, they were kept away from education. Afterwards, their language "Urdu" was made ineffective. Now, with the blame of terrorism, they are made to suffer inferiority complex. Muslims, for the time being, have no effective remedy for this ailment. According to him, if Muslims want to come out of this impasse, they will have to earn expertise in modern education. Only with education, they will be able to overcome this injustice. Therefore, Muslims should rise from their slumber and give their children best of education.

On this occasion, Prof. Abdul-Haq said that constant failure has made the Muslims suffer from inferiority complex. He said that nobody could be blamed for Muslims’ backwardness in education. Everyone of us is responsible for this. He said that Muslims throughout the world are passing through a testing period and they will have to show an unparalleled courage to gain expertise in religious as well as modern education. Dr. Baseer Ahmed, speaking on this occasion said that we must endeavour to give modern education to the Muslim children. He said that Muslims are paying much attention for developing madrasas, but it is necessary to pay similar attention to schools and colleges. He criticised Muslims for separating religious and worldly education.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 June 2015 on page no. 12

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