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Civil Society opposes Modi visit to Israel

By Nadim Ahmad

New Delhi: All India Tanzeem-e Insaf (AITI) and All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM) jointly held a press conference here at the Press Council of India on 9 June 2015 to protest against PM Marendra Modi’s proposed visit to Israel.

Ameeq Jamaee, spokesman of AITI, said we oppose the PM’s visit to Israel which will give a message to the world that India is standing with the Jewish state in its policies of occupation and persecution of the Palestinians. This goes against India’s age-old policy of standing with the victims and the wronged. He said we are starting a campaigning against this wrong visit and will continue our opposition to it in various ways.

Speaking on the occasion Prof Bansidhar, chair of the Middle Eastern Studies at the JNU, said that PM Modi’s proposed visit to Israel is a  major shift in India’s foreign policy. Until now India had been one of the major supporters of Palestine and its people while it maintained a policy of equidistance with Israel and Palestine and had maintained low profile strategic relations with Israel. By supporting Palestine, India had stood against the imperialists and the occupational forces, he said. Our PM’s visit to Israel will altogether change this equation in favour of the imperialists and occupational forces and that’s why we as responsible citizens of the country opposed the full-fledged recognition of the State of Israel until Israel recognizes the rights of the Palestinians. Prof. Bansidhar demanded that PM Modi should first go to Ramallah before visiting Tel Aviv so as to give a clear massage to Nitenyahu that India had not backtracked from its opposition to imperialism and occupation. He said, peace will not dawn on the Middle East till occupation ends. Prof. Bansidhar said that India had moral courage and standing to display such a kind of diplomacy and it should not meekly tow the line of US. He said India is not going to gain anything from this relationship as Israel has never been successful in its tactics which it wants to sell us.  Prof. Bansidhar said Israel has helped create a security situation so that we buy arms from it. They are teaching us to solve political issues militarily which will be a disaster for our country.

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, president of AIMMM, said we oppose this visit as well as the close Indian relations with Israel which are not going to serve us in any way as Israel which could not conquer the tiny Gaza despite waging an all-out war for 52 days last year cannot teach us anything. He said Israel is selling us technology stolen from the US. If need such technology we can get it from dozens of countries. He said Indian PM going to Israel is like an elephant going to an ant. He said Israel is not serious about making peace or returning the occupied and stolen lands of the Palestinians. He said, under Oslo Accords of 1992, which was used by India to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, a sovereign Palestinian was to emerge within five years but nothing of this sort has emerged even after 23 years now. He said India has established closest security and intelligence relations with Israel which the history of that country is very duplicitous. He referred to “By Way of Deception” by Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent, which is replete with incidents showing how unreliable the Israelis are. He said he will not be surprised if our secrets were being sold to Pakistan and China.

Prof. Subodh Kumar Malakar of the Centre for Africa Studies at JNU, said that he has been a supporter of Palestine for long. He said Mossad has find a like-minded traveller in the RSS. He said he has seen a Mossad document which said that with the Indian help we can wage war against the whole world of Islam. He said Mossad, Modi and RSS are working together. These are communal forces which have killed many innocents. He said we must stand with the Palestinians and must continue our agitation until Palestinians get their rights.

The press conference also condemned the pro-Israeli lobbying in India to support Tel Aviv’s agitation against the proposed American nuclear agreement with Iran. Some “Muslim” leaders were invited to such an event in Delhi recently but AIMMM president decided not participate in it. (see page 11)


This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 June 2015 on page no. 13

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