Poor Hamid Ansari’s “fault”

Poor Hamid Ansari’s only ‘fault’ is that he happens to be a Muslim and because of this very reason, every action of this gentle Vice President of India is on the radar and under the scanner of BJP government. Whether it’s (not) saluting the tricolour or being absent from the charade (sorry, yoga) on Rajpath on June 21, he’s been at the receiving end of criticism from this rabidly Hindu government and its zealot ministers, who’ve absolutely no idea of government protocol and they tend to see everything through the prism of Hindutva. This is indeed pitiable. These politicians have vitiated the socio-political scenario of the country with their vicious and vitriolic comments on anyone, they think to be anti-Hindu.


This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 July 2015 on page no. 2

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