Missing explosives: tip of the iceberg

New Delhi: Mystery behind the missing explosives is becoming more and more alarming day by day with fresh disclosures every single day though the mainstream media as well as the home minister, NSA and NIA have decided to turn a blind eye. From 60 to 164 and now over 1000 trucks – the quantity of “vanishing” explosives is increasing every passing day. The quantity comes to a staggering 873 tonnes. Sangam Explosives’ license had expired in 2008 yet it continued to receive consignments till this year! Security agencies like ATS Rajasthan and Central investigative agencies are investigating whether the missing ammo was used in various blasts throughout the country. The detonators found at Surat in 2008 had the Rajasthan factory marks. Each bomb used in Ajmer blast contained 200 to 300 grams of “cyclotol” containing 90 percent of RDX. Devendra Gupta, the prime suspect in Ajmer blast was taken to Kolkata, Ranchi, Asansol, Jamatara (Jharkhand), Ahmadabad, Hyderabad and Dangs (Gujarat) to ascertain his linkages with top rightwing terror outfits. An interesting fact emerged that Jaikishan Aswani, the main accused, was felicitated by M.P. government on 21 April with an award of Rs 50,000 and a certificate to BM Traders for being the second highest commercial taxpayer from Rajgarh district. A huge quantity was recovered (896 boxes of gelatin and 88 boxes of fuses wire) during raids at Biora (Rajgarh). The absconding couple, the Hedas, have been nabbed at Ahmadabad. Their company (BM Traders) diverted the material to various destinations. In addition to the black market, the couple had mining interests too. Police cannot swallow their version of truth. “We have to check the antecedents of all their customers,” said PK Vyas, CID CB Additional Director General, adding that “this was necessary because the quantity of explosives is huge.

Umashankar Gupta, Madhya Pradesh home minister, urged the union home minister to order an enquiry by a national agency. A senior officer disclosed that consignments from this very factory had reached as far as Bangladesh in 1994 and 1998. A member of Sagar police team SI BM Dwivedi disclosed that the mastermind Jaikishan Aswani was a petty shopkeeper dealing in grocery. Deepa Heda was his close relative. After her marriage with Shivcharan in 2000, Jaikishan joined them as a business partner. Immensely impressed by Jaikishan’s competence in disposing material off, Shivcharan began entrusting him more consignments. BJP leaders have started saying that the explosives may have ended in the hands of Naxals or anti-social elements. One of the most probable recipients of these explosives must be the Hindutva terrorist organisations. There is already indication from the interrogation of the Malegaon blast accused that they had the plan to cause blasts simultaneously in thousands of mosques and Muslim places which they thought would not only kill enough Muslims but also make them convert to Hinduism.

Though the Heda couple has been arrested along with three others, the CPU and pen-drive of the couple’s computer could not be seized. The couple said that the two were in a dharmashala at Ahmadabad. Mystery further deepened when we learn that the payment for Sagar firm (M.P.) was made from Rajkot (Gujarat). Through their “Sangam” named fake company they had made Rs 1.38 crore and 2.60 crore payments to the suppliers.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2010 on page no. 1

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