Purulia arms drop

Today, whole India is suddenly talking about Purulia arms drop, we thoroughly covered it four months ago

Everyone claimed that they wanted to fight war against terror. Not only Bush and Blair but also Advani and Manmohan. However, deep investigation confirms that this is a slogan for political gains or is a strong instrument for persecution. Many have languished in jails in spite of their innocence; many more are still suffering inhuman atrocities. And those who are always seen championing the cause of war against terror had been instrumental in releasing persons accused of waging war against the nation.

Bhaskar Ghose, a former secretary in Govt of India, puts it succinctly: “In India, the recipients of the kind consideration (President’s Pardon)... have been almost invariably white” (Telegraph, 18 Feb. 2004 reacting to Peter Bleach’s release on Presidential Pardon). And who pleaded Bleach’s case? Tony Blair because Bleach was British and belonged to Blair’s constituency.

Full story is here: Fighting War against Terror — Purulia style

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