PM’s long silence

The whole Opposition has almost stood united in Parliament, demanding from PM about his response and views about the various issues cropping up back to back from ghar wapsi to Love Jihad in past ten months. But the PM has maintained a strategic silence on all these issues. That attitude alienated the people from BJP in Delhi assembly elections. That was a question mark on the PM’s credibility.

People were fed up with the Congress regime, so they wanted a substitute and trusted BJP, but very early on they felt betrayed and cheated.

Modi’s slogan of development was acceptable to every section. The PM had been campaigning across India in the name of development, but on the issue of delivery the government has failed.

 Soon after Modi took over as prime minister of the world’s biggest democracy, communal elements started their mission of hatred, communalism and terrorising the minorities. They are not just targeting the minorities, but are also a well-established threat to the sovereignty and integrity of India. Besides some less known faces issuing communal statements, some BJP parliamentarians were also making similarly foolish remarks.

Unfortunately, our PM, who used to chant “Vikas” every time does not feel the need to issue even a statement about all these criminal posturings.

Khalil A Banday
Research scholar in international politics and governance
Central University of Gujarat


This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 July 2015 on page no. 11

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