A message to the U.S. Congress: take your money and get lost

Occupied Jerusalem: After four grim years of mutual recriminations, cold war and deep mistrust, the two main Palestinian political camps, the nationalist Fatah and Islamic Hamas, reached an auspicious agreement to end their differences.

The four-year rift exhausted the Palestinian people, seriously weakened the traditionally-strong fabric of the Palestinian society, and nearly caused an irreversible implosion within the Palestinian community at home and in the Diaspora.

And, above all, it made the prospects of peace in the region as remote as ever if only because a divided nation can't get its acts together, especially when an increasingly fascist Israel, which always searches for pretexts and red herrings in order to evade and circumvent peace, sought to utilize the inter-Palestinian situation to evade real peace and keep up building peace-killing illegal settlements for fanatical Jewish immigrants.

Needless to say, many if not most of these so-called settlers, are taught a morbid, venomous ideology which inculcates in them a certain belief that the whole universe was created solely for them and that non-Jews were created by the Almighty only for one purpose: to serve Jews.

Interestingly, both Israel  and  its allies, including  Israel's  obedient  dog, the US Congress, have rather vehemently and  opportunistically, even obscenely,  manipulated  the Palestinian rift to throw the propaganda ball into the Palestinian and Arab courts. Hence, one  would be affronted hearing ostensibly respectable US senators and  Congressmen remark gloatingly: "Let the Palestinians first make peace amongst themselves; peace with Israel will only come when the Palestinians learn to live in  peace with themselves."

Similarly, opportunistic  Israel raved and ranted on every conceivable occasion, claiming  that  the Palestinian division, not Israel's lebensraum policy in the West Bank, especially in East Jerusalem, was impeding peace since the Palestinians didn't have a unified leadership.

Now, after painstakingly achieving the long-awaited reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas, Israel  is  fretting,  like  a woman who has just received  a bad divorce deal in court, threatening  the Palestinians with doom  and reprisals, as if the Palestinians were supposed  to perpetuate their internal difference for ever and ever  for the sake of despicable  Zionist occupying thugs, many of whom originated in Eastern Europe and Russia and who brought with them  a genocidal  ideology along  with every form of racism, fascism and jingoism to the Holy Land.

And, unsurprisingly, U.S. Congress didn’t lag behind.  Indeed, no sooner than Hamas and Fatah representatives had announced their rapprochement in Cairo on Thursday, 28 April, than several Congressional figures warned that the US would stop financial aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Well, if American aid to the Palestinians is meant to help them help themselves (the US, the Palestinians' ultimate tormentor and Israel's guardian-ally, enabler, guarantor, and sustainer of Israeli insolence and territorial aggrandizement), then this aid is welcome and appreciated and all of us Palestinians will have a standing ovation in America's honour and sould solemnly say: "thank you, America for your most altruistic help"!

However, if this aid is meant as bribe money to encourage or entice Palestinians or certain Palestinian elements to sell off their people's inalienable national rights, then, we are sorry, we can't accept your money.

More to the point: if the U.S. Congress insists that the aid to the PA or to a prospective Palestinian national unity entity hedges on the resumption of inter-Palestinian strife, which I am sure would instill in Israel and her allies a lot of mirth, glee and gloat, then we have no alternative but to look our American interlocutors in the eye and say: "Sorry friends, take your money and get lost."

There is no doubt that Israel has been taken by surprise by the reconciliation pact in Cairo, an auspicious feat that complements the great historical changes now taking  place in the Arab region.

Avigdor Lieberman, who combines Stalin's ruthlessness and Hitler's nefariousness, along with characteristic Zionist depravity, was quoted as saying that Israel was preparing "an arsenal of reprisals against the Palestinians."

The more public relations savvy Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyah reiterated old stands that Israel wouldn't resume peace talks with a Hamas-Fatah government due to the participation of Hamas, as if the good tidings of peace were hovering over the Middle East prior to the reconciliation agreement.

Netanyahu, a real thug, with a neck tie and an amazing  ability to fornicate with language to change and distort the truth, once again invoked the terror issue, ignoring the clarion and cardinal fact that Nazi-like Israel is the ultimate expression and embodiment of terror in our time.

Netanyahu invoked the fact that Hamas didn't recognize Israel. Well, does Israel recognize Palestine? Does amorphous Israel have fixed borders? Hamas will never ever recognize such a state, which was born in terror and genocide and mendacity.

Likewise, U.S. Congress along with happy-go-lucky Hillary Clinton is re-invoking the so-called Quartet conditions for talking to Hamas. These anachronistic "Nay-set" includes, abandoning armed resistance, recognizing Israel, and accepting previous agreements between the PA and Israel.   Well, these impossible blackmailing conditions are illogical and preposterous to say the least.

First, Hamas has been serious and sincere about observing the tahdia or clam in the Gaza Strip, often in the face of Israel's murderous provocations. However, in return, Hamas has received no appreciation and praise from Washington while it has faced hard opposition from some Palestinian factions. Hamas only received malice and vilification from the U.S., which only underscores America's pornographic subservience to Israel and her wantonly hegemonistic Jewish lobby.

As to negotiations with Israel, it is well known that Hamas, which is not part of the PLO, never took part in these futile negotiations. Hence, the resumption of whatever negotiations wouldn’t hedge on Hamas' approval.

Finally, asking Hamas to accept previous agreements between Israel and the PLO is really ridiculous since nearly all these agreements, including the scandalous Oslo Accords, are essentially vague, so much so that even Israel and the PLO themselves don't agree on a common understanding  of these agreements.

An advice to the PA

Finally, an advice to the PLO and its leadership.  Don't be obsequious or complacent vis-à-vis Israel or any of its obedient dogs. These people have no iota of morality or honesty, let alone justice in their moral set of ideals. They are willing to blackmail us to the last drop of our blood. They would embark on the unthinkable to keep us in a state of enslavement to Zionism.

Hence, you should be able to seriously threaten the Zionist regime to dismantle the whole autonomous regime once and for all; in addition, of course, to terminating irreversibly any vestige of "security coordination" with Israel, a revolting and repulsive factor in inter-Palestinian discordance.

Don't display weakness or cowardice or indecisiveness. Our destiny as a people is not to be perennially enslaved by those racist thugs from Eastern Europe who want to build their glory at our expense.  

K. Amayreh is an American-educated journalist living in occupied Palestine. His email address is: amayreh[@]

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