Malegaon Blast

By  Adv. Masood Peshimam

Before Hemant Karkare exposed the hand of Hindutva terror behind it, Muslims were being blamed for bombing other Muslims.

The false police claim was that one sect of Muslims had bombed another even as there was not sectarian strife among Muslims to warrant such an extreme act. The arrest of the Muslims for allegedly killing their own people was to demoralise and marginalise the community.  The false implication of Muslim youth couldn’t stand judicial scrutiny. The initiative to falsely implicate the Muslims in the terror cases was taken by the Congress government for which it has paid the price.

The false implication of Muslims in Malegaon blast was not an isolated phenomenon.  It was Hemant Karkare who exposed the saffron terrorism.  Karkare’s investigation was to reach higher ups.  The needle of suspicion was to go right up to the top.  Before Karkare could nail the bigwigs he was bumped off in the Mumbai terror attack.  Karkare died in mysterious circumstances creating all round suspicion over his untimely death.

A.R. Antulay questioned the circumstances leading to the death of Karkare.   Antulay’s speech in Parliament concerning Karkare’s suspicious death raised eye brows not only in the saffron camps, but even in Congress.  He had to pay dearly for it and Congress heavy weights failed to show up at his funeral. It was the same Antulay who had a crucial role in rejuvenating the party and pulling it out of the deep political paralysis. Antulay’s status went on declining with his speech in Parliament touching upon the controversial death of Karkare. The Congress section behind it is keen on Bharat Ratna for the former PM Narasimha Rao, who silently oversaw the ignominious demolition of Babri Masjid.

Recently the cat was out of the bag with the statement of the special public prosecutor Rohini Salian in the Malegaon blast case that ever since the Modi government came at the Centre she had been under pressure from the NIA to go “soft” on the Malegaon accused.   Four Muslims were killed in the blasts and the accused are Sangh extremists.

She said that some officers met her at the instance of the higher ups.  She is stated to have said that the communal Hindu officers have penetrated in the NIA which has prevented her from making an application for the discharge of the Muslims accused falsely. There are clandestine efforts going on to save the skin of saffron terrorists.  Such efforts were made earlier also.  Such pernicious efforts not only damaged the reputation of the investigation agencies but questioned the very credibility of our judicial system.

Against this backdrop there is another move by the Maharashtra ATS to publish the calendar carrying the names of the Muslim suspects along with a photo of a Naxal or two. Such move by the state ATS is designed to tarnish the image of the Muslim community and spread communal disharmony.

The law says that a person is innocent till he is found guilty.  The matter is subjudice.  The matter being subjudice, it is illegal to publish the photos in a calendar. The ATS should not play the communal card.  ATS officers or the bosses giving such obnoxious instructions can well be charged under Section 153 A of IPC for promoting enmity between groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language etc. and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony and the contempt of court.

Rohini Salian in not daunted by the communal overtones of the investigation.  She has done a great job.   The political culture of the country cannot intimidate people like Karkare. And take Rohini Salian and other human right activists for granted.

The union minister of state Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi smelt conspiracy in the statement of Rohini Salian.  Naqvi has never been known for integrity and always had a His Master’s voice image. With such a track record he should be the last person to point an accusing finger at the principled, just and fair Salian.

A fair investigation is oriented to provide justice,  which knows no religion.   Terrorists, whether Muslims   or Hindus, are to be dealt with sternly.  Any interference in the course of Justice will not be in the interest of democracy, secularism and impartiality.    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2015 on page no. 2

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