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Majority of Kashmir do not take beef at all, the ban will be counter productive

Srinagar (12 September, 2015): Prof. Saifuddin Soz, Senior Congress Leader and Former Union Minister, has issued the following statement to the press, today.

“The ban on sale of beef in Mumbai has been genuinely rejected by the people of that cosmopolitan city. Even the Mumbai high court has found the decision of the Maharastra Govt. untenable.

My assessment is that the Hon’ble J&K High Court will soon see reason to revise its verdict of ban for sale of beef in Jammu and Kashmir State,

I wish the Hon’ble Judges had watched the developments in this area occurring in Mumbai for a little longer, so that they would not have to pass a judgment, not needed at all.

There is another aspect to this situation which needs calm reflection. The fact is that a vast majority of people of Kashmir do not take beef at all, but when a ban is imposed, the people immediately invoked the provisions of the Constitution of India and took the ban orders as interference in their personal laws enshrined in their religion.

I am confident that the ban on beef itself will be banned but what should worry the country is the attitude of the RSS towards the social and political governance in India. It wants a kind of uniformity to serve its Hindutva agenda, which is a dangerous situation. RSS is not going to accept the Nehruvian political philosophy that India’s vitality rests in its diversity.

So, I believe, as people like Nobel Laureate Amartaya Sen have started worrying on RSS outreach of Hindutu agenda, so must India’s judiciary at the apex level (be it Hon’ble High Courts or the Hon’ble Supreme of India) start worrying on safeguarding the “Idea of India” that the founding fathers of the Constitution of India had envisaged.”

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