Experts reconstructed Ishrat encounter

The SIT with the help of experts of central FSL and AIIMS reconstructed the Isharat Jahan fake encounter that took place in 2004 near Kotarpur in Ahmadabad. The actual encounter team was also made to accompany this re-construction team. The prime accused G.L. Singhal, Tarun Barat and other officers provided information about what actually transpired on the entire scene of action from Sarkhej, Naral to Kotarpur. The chairman of the SIT along with three members were present.

Refuting the false claim that Isharat Jahan of Mumbai, Javed Pillai and two Pakistanis had plotted to kill the Gujarat chief Minister Narendra Modi, Pillai family demanded a probe into the fake encounter. The Gujarat High Court constituted a team comprising Karnail Singh, I.P.S., as the chairman and two others to investigate the matter. The team collected evidence from various officers and employees. It collected substantial evidence after conducting a search at Meghani Nagar office of the state FSL.

Doubts had been raised at the time of the fake encounter over the reliability of the report of the state FSL. Keeping the state FSL out of the investigation the central FSL and AIIMS team conducted the operation. Chairman Karnail Singh, Satish Sharma, Mohan Jha, Dy S.P. V.R. Tolia alongwith 15 experts from FSL and AIIMS had a meeting at the circuit House at 10 A.M. to apprise the team of the details and to acquaint them with the course of action to be undertaken i.e. to pin point the precise objective of the proposed re-construction.

The team then reached the office of the crime branch where it checked a police van which was said to be attacked by the alleged terrorists. Later on the entire team went to the SIT office where they inspected the Indica car which was allegedly used by Ishrat and her colleagues. They were brought to Kotarpur water works via Narol, the place where the encounter had taken place. The team which had conducted the encounter in 2004 was summoned to report there. The team included G.L. Ginghal, Tarun Barat, J.G. Parmar, K.M. Waghela, I.K. Chouhan etc. They apprised the investigators about the various facts i.e., the circumstances in which the encounter was conducted; the manner of firing shots; and the role each individual played during the incident.

The experts measured the distance of various positions checking the distance between the police vehicles and Ishrat’s Indica. Photography and videography was also carried out. From here the team reached the office of SIT situated at Dafnala. This reconstruction was conducted to report the findings to the High Court on 21st May.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 May 2011 on page no. 5

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