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A bid’ah checklist

What follows is a list of some common innovations and practices that are against the Sunnah of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and yet are widespread especially in the India-Pakistan-Bangladesh sub-continent. Do you fall into any of these practices?
- Celebrating Shabe ba’rat (15th of Shaban);
- Nazar-o-Niyaz;
- Celebrating Miladun Nabi;
- Giyarwheen shareef;
- Seeking aid from the dead;
- Playing Qawwalli in the Masjids;
- Arrogantly throwing money on na’at reciters;
- Seeking tabarruk through the belongings of a peer;
- Travelling half way across the world to visit a shrine;
- Wiping the neck in wudu;
- Wiping the face after du’a;
- Reciting na’at after the funeral prayer;
- Giving adhan at the graveside after the burial of the dead;
- Believing the Prophet is noor from the noor of Allah;
- Doing Istikhara for others;
- Salat al-Ghausia;
- Teeja;
- Daswaan;
- Chaliswaan;
- Durod-e Taj;
- Durood-e Akbar;
- Durood-e Ghousia;
- Khatam-e Ghousia;
- Khatam-e Qadria;
- Khatam-e Khwajgan;
- Khatam-e Shifa;
- Saying out loud the niyyat for prayer;
- Spinning around in circles in the Masjid;
- Salat al Raghaaib;
- Saying Jumu’ah Mubarak;
- Making group dua’a after the congregational prayer;
- Gathering to recite Yasin and make tasbeeh and send rewards to the dead;
- Kissing cloths used to cover tombs of saints and using them to seek cloeness to Allah;
- Swinging the head from side to side whilst repeating Hu Hu or Allah Allah;
- Gathering after Jumu’ah prayer to recite salawaat as a congregation;
- Reciting made-up wazeefas from peer (e.g., recite such and such formula 999 times for good health) ;
- Believing the Prophet (pbuh) knew when the final hour would occur;
- Believing the Prophet (pbuh) didn’t have a shadow;
- Kissing the thumbs and wiping eyes when hearing the Prophet’s name (pbuh);
- Celebrating Urs Mubarak (festivals of dead saints on a yearly basis) ;

The pages of yesterday cannot be revisited but the pages of tomorrow are blank and you hold the pen.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 September 2015 on page no. 20

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