Modi’s massive cover-up job

On May 5, 2011 the Supreme Court refused to consider the affidavit that senior Gujarat police officer Sanjiv Bhatt had submitted to it. SIT submitted its report on April 25 and denied that Bhatt attended the meeting at the house of Modi on the eve of the Gujarat pogroms in 2002. Bhatt alleged that the CM had told the police to let the Hindus vent out their anger at the Muslims as he wanted to teach the Muslims a lesson in a bid to stop the balancing act of the previous governments in communal riots and let the Hindus have the upper hand and to tilt the balance in their favour for good. The other serious observation of the SIT is that Bhatt has some motive to level grave charges nine years later and it calls for a probe. Next, it claimed that he tutored his driver to give false information.

The earlier report of SIT submitted in November 2010 had found insufficient evidence against Modi and amicus curiae Raju Ramchandran objected to “no prosecutable evidence against Modi.” SC asked SIT to probe further. However, SC hints at the fact that SIT has not come up with any change in its second report submitted to it. It has given eight weeks time to Ramchandran to study all the evidence and suggest if any offence can be made out against anyone. The next hearing is on July 28. Thus the slow movement of the judicial process makes one wonder whether the adage “justice delayed is justice denied” is still true.

This has been going on in Gujarat for more than ten years now. It is proudly passed off as Moditva, unrepentant hijacking of the State to commit atrocities and still go scot free. The best example is Babu Bhai Bajrangi. The crimes he committed speak loudly for the heaven to hear and yet we on the earth have not heard it so far! The courts also seem to be taken in by Moditva. Madhu Srivastava and his people made Zahira Shaikh turn hostile. She went to jail but they are still free. Of the accused and convicted for life in prison now another witness has turned hostile. The case must reopen again and this would continue ad absurdum.

The obvious reason is that the endeared Chote Sardar of Gujarat is also capable of becoming the Prime Minister some day! Therefore, the judicial process must continue as it is going until more hurdles come in the way and the courts prolong to kingdom come! The crimes Modi has committed are like a hippopotamus clearly seen trampling the grass on the lawn and yet the investigators are holding the magnifying glass close to their eyes and prying into the roots of the grass as if watching the movement of an ant. The fun is that Modi knows that we know it that Modi did it! The impotency of everyone in the face of all this is a tribute to those who had gathered at Jantar Mantar for a revolution to usher in. Exceptions are there to prove the rule.

Modi brought in a reign of terror, in the words of Zakia Jafri. He conspired, he executed the conspiracy and is busy in what Shanti Bhushan calls a massive cover-up job. The courts like the Chief Minister are vying with each other to go to infinity in time. Will nine years that Sanjiv Bhatt took slide into nine decades before justice is delivered by courts?

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 May 2011 on page no. 5

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