A new book on the anti-Sikh pogroms


This book narrates the story of gruesome murders that took place in Delhi over 30 years ago after the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her Sikh guards. It is a feather in the Sikh community’s turban that they have kept this issue alive. Very recently a Sikh activist left his post in AAP to devote himself fully to extract justice for the victims from the jaws of the Indian system, while the Muslim community has preferred to turn a new leaf after offering some ointments to the victims of most gruesome riots like Bhagalpur, Nellie, Gujarat and Bodoland.

Sanjay Suri was then a young crime reporter. With a reporter’s eye on detail, he has given a first-hand account of what he saw during those two terrible days after Indira Gandhi’s assassination which saw the murder of 3000 innocent Sikhs with police connivance and at times active participation. Suri exposes a police-political nexus. The police did not perform their role on their own. According to Suri, they did so under the direction of their political masters.

He has put together a lot of evidence to show that this could not have happened without a tacit approval from the highest in the land. He has built a strong case against the Congress. How could these criminal acts be committed across the city with the same modus operandi without planning and organisation? Apparently, some criminal minds had thought of this cruel method of torture and murder. The victims were ‘necklaced’ with kerosene burning tyres.

1984 The Anti-Sikh Violence and After by Sanjay Suri is published by Harper Collins; Pages: 272, Price: Rs 382.   

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2015 on page no. 21

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