Are Indian Muslim ready to face the challenges thrown by Hindutva forces on daily basis?

In the last baithak of RSS in Delhi, where PM Modi put up his / his cabinet’s report-card before The Sarsanghchalak- Mr. Mohan Bhagwat in which Mr. Bhagwat sermonetted the PM of India to improve relations with Pakistan and declared that Pakistan and Bangladesh are their brothers whereas they (RSS) are not ready to accept Indian Muslims as their brothers. What does it show?

It proves that they treat the Indian Muslims as their enemy. As such all their activities, as pointed out in the article, are aimed against the Muslims of India. As such their main agenda is limited to construct a Ram Mandir at the place of Babri Masjid, abolishing the Muslim Personal Law , ghar wapsi , scrapping Article 370 and making Muslims helpless with repeated communal riots.

For ghar wapsi programme,  RSS and its allies are alluring the down trodden and deprived Muslims to absorb them in the Dalit/ Adivasis categories, as the case may be, if they come in to the Hindu fold on the assurance that the converted person would be entitled for all facilities and benefits reserved for Hindu SC/ST and Hindu Dalits.

However, according to some reports, through their network they are obtaining Dalit certificates in favour of such converted people through SC/ ST Commission smoothly and effectively whereas the law of SC/ST does not have any definition or provision to grant Dalit certificate to any converted person since no Dalit category exists in Muslim and Christian religion.

But the question is : Are we prepared to meet such challenges ? Do we have any information of such incidents ? Do any figures exist in the record of any social/ political or religious organisation ? The answer is a big no!

Although we have masjids and madarsas and Muslim-run schools at every nook and corner, they are not networked.

No imam or muezzin or mohtamim of Madrassa is trained to keep an eye on the activities of Hindutva groups either regarding ghar wapsi or riot engineered. We have not any networking whereas Christian missionaries maintain full reports on the secret and open activities of the Hindutva groups targeting Christians.

Muslims (including the educated lot) are not generally aware that as per the Presidential Order regarding Hindu SC/ST , Dalit reservation does not apply to Muslims and Christians. The same PO was later applied to Sikhs and Buddhists. From that perspective converts to Hinduisms have no place in Dalit / SC category, but in middle and upper castes. However, ghar wapsi allows converts’ (if any) absorption in the Dalit / SC category only. No Muslim organisation,  religious , social or political, ever filed any objection with the SC/ST Commission against granting Dalit status to any such (probable) convert or group of converts.

We would do well to start keeping an eye on our oppressors and documenting atrocities on us.

Imteyaz Husain

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2015 on page no. 11

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