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Geographical Locations in the Quran — Word Search

Hidden in the puzzle are 8 cities, 5 mountains and 3 historic lands that are mentioned in the Quran. (Answers are at the bottom of the page)   /

Jumbled clues:  Blboyna, Dbar, Aabkhk, Ynahnu, Amri, Amakkh, Damainh, Ibytrah
Idju, Mraahw, Asaf, Raataf, Iansi, Fhaaq, petgy, Besah






































































































































































































































































































































Answer to the above WORD SEARCH: (Rank Wise) Cities: Babylon, Badr, Bakkah, Hunayn, Iram, Makkah, Madinah, Yathrib;  Mountains: Al-Judi, Al-Marwah, Al-Safa, Mount Arafat, Mount Sinai
Historic Lands: Al-Ahqaf, Egypt, Sheba

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