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Gujarat records 7282 cases of human rights violation

Gandhinagar: In its latest report which the state Human Rights Commission presented to the state assembly, acknowledged that there had been 7292 cases during the last four years. Atrocities on women and children reached the staggering figure of 2101 which includes 1940 Muslim women and 112 Muslim children.

Chairman of the commission and former chief justice of the state High Court D.S. Sinha lamented that in the absence of an integrated panel, drastic actions could not be undertaken for reforming the conditions of the victims. There are vacancies in the commission which must be immediately filled and the commission must be made financially autonomous. Rajesh, secretary to the commission, stated that the commission was constituted in 2006. There were 610 cases during 2006-07 out of which 565 had been settled while 45 are still pending. Out of 1420 cases registered during 2007-08, 1172 were disposed off (248 pending). The period 2008-09 witnessed 2260 cases out of which 1812 were disposed off (448 are pending). The period 2009-10 received 2992 cases out of which 2122 have been disposed off. Thus, out of 7282 cases during the past four years 5671 have been disposed off (78% disposal). In a shocking revelation the commission divulged the fact that cases of human right violations by the police machinery have substantially increased which have risen from 163 to 910. It had admitted inability in taking legal action cases pertaining to the police. In 2009-10 there are 411 cases against the police machinery. In information furnished in the assembly it was disclosed that there were 12446 prisoners in the state out of which 647 were women prisoners. The intake is 74.9% more than what the prisons can actually accommodate. About the minorities it has been acknowledged that 1940 Muslim women and 112 children were the victims of such violation.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 May 2011 on page no. 11

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