“Terrorism in India cant stop without reconstitution of Intelligence Bureau”


New Delhi: SM Mushrif, retired IPS officer and author of the book Who Killed Karkare? said at a discussion on 'Terrorism in India' sponsored by the Milli Gazette newspaper and held at the Constitution Club on 22 September that if terrorism is to be put to an end in India, first of all Intelligence Bureau (IB) will have to be reconstituted and purged of Hindutva elements in it because without this neither terrorism can be eliminated nor peace can be maintained and promoted in this country. He further said that India today is not being governed by Manmohan Singh government but by IB which is not only government's ‘eyes and ears’ but today has become its brain also. Hence what is needed now is that this phenomenon should be seriously considered so that terrorism in the country could be brought to an end and communal peace and harmony could be promoted. On this occasion Gujarati translation of his book Who Killed Karkare?, which has already been translated into Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and many other Indian languages, was also released.

L to R: Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, Aziz Burney, Ghulam Muhammad, SM Mushrif, Syed Shahabuddin, Suresh Khairnar, Feroze Mithiborwala, Subhash Gatade

He further said that hundreds of innocent persons, on the pretext of being in possession of RDX were falsely arrested for terrorism, a bogey created under a conspiracy, and illegally put in jails. He said that when Hemant Karkare became ATS chief he tried to change the existing conditions and for the first time showing courage arrested Col Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya Singh and Dayanand Pandey etc. He said that recovery of two laptops from Dayanand Pandey was, though a great success of Karkare which exposed threadbare the secret and dangerous plans of Abhinav Bharat (AB), RSS and Hindutva forces, it also proved to be the cause of Karkare and his two colleagues’ death. He said that their objective was to overthrow the government and make India a Hindu Rashtra and for this it (AB) had maintained secret links with Nepal and Israel. He said there was mention of Malegaon, Ajmer, Makka Masjid etc bomb blasts. After the discovery of this dangerous plan, Karkare was pressurised to stop all such activities of exposing these forces but he flatly refused to succumb to such pressures. It was after this that conspiracy of his murder was planned. Mushrif said that IB knew of the terrorist attack on Mumbai but instead of informing government and police of this attack it (IB) informed and cautioned AB. He repeated his earlier statement that unless IB is reconstituted and purged of AB and Hindutva elements, terrorism cannot be put to an end in India.
Another speaker, Suresh Khairnar, noted human rights activist, said on this occasion that he finds substance in Mushrif's book and there is much similarity in his book and the one written by (late) Ashok Kamte's widow Vinita Kamte which is based on the information obtained by her through RTl and those she got on the basis of her sources in police and ATS circles. About media he said that his views are that it (media) has fully become anti-Muslim and is working as the PRO of police and IB and it has become its regular practice to accuse Muslims in all such matters without any investigation. Its regular practice is to accuse Muslims in all such matters without any investigation and proof. Editor of Milli Gazette, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan said while speaking on this occasion referring to the book that Karkare while unravelling the mystery of terrorist attacks was to arrest Togadia and others in this connection soon but before that he was killed. He said that diplomatic relations with Israel were established and Israeli embassy was set up in Delhi in 1992 and the same year Babri Masjid was demolished. He warned that if secret plans (of AB etc) are not curbed in time, conditions may deteriorate further and that action should be taken against those involved in this, which has not so far been done.

Aziz Burney of Rashtriya Sahara group said that Karkare's death is no longer a mystery now because people by now are in the know of all these things. About terror he said that today America is working as a terror force and Israel is working as terror industry. Subhash Gatade said that involvement of Bhagva organisations has been found in about half a dozen such cases. Whether it is Malegaon, Makka Masjid, Samjhauta Expess or Goa blasts, there are proofs against these organisations. Hence action should be taken against these organisations.

Syed Shahabuddin (Ex-MP) said that instead of congratulating the author he would like to express his gratitude to him for do this great work. Feroze Mithiborwala (Activist) emphasised that Karkare was brought to the cover of the book so that people read it, but the message of the book is looking at the holistic picture and what all is being done in the name of the terrorism. Ghulam Muhammad (publisher of the Tamil version of Who Killed Karkare?) talked about the Hindutva aim of creating a Hindu Rashtra and who we should make a movement out of the book to stop the Hindutva brigade. Subash Gatade (writer) spoke on fighting against terrorism both in India as well as in neighbouring countries.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2010 on page no. 3

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