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Army’s crimes in Kashmir

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This photograph of a so-called “Ikhwani” camp in an army area in South Kashmir was taken by Javed Dar in 2008. Standing in the middle is a well-known “government gunman,” Jehangir Khan. Thousands of such surrendered militants were/are being used by our army in Kashmir to kill, rape, loot and terrorise hapless Kashmiris. This saga of state terror started soon after the advent of the militancy in late 1980s. Whenever a militant wanted to surrender or a suspected militant wanted to return from the Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, he was forced to become a hitman for the army which used him ruthlessly to commit acts of murder the officers themselves were unable or reluctant to commit. In the process, these criminals, who gave themselves the fanciful title of “Ikhwanis,” were free to kill, rape, loot, occupy properties and terrorise people across the Valley. According to an estimate, there are/were around 28,000 such criminals used by the army to do its dirty operations. These criminals get paid monthly “salaries” yet are not absorbed in the army.

After committing crimes, they find sanctuary in the nearest army camp or position. Among the most famous “Ikhwanis” were Mohammad Yusuf alias Kuka Parray who was terror personified in north Kashmir for a decade and had formed the “Ikhwan-ul Muslimoon” terror group consisting of similar surrendered militants. He later became a “political leader,” became an MLA in 2002, and was killed by militants in September 2003; his colleague Javid Hussain Shah became a member of the legislative council and was killed in August 2003; “Setha Gujru” (Mohammad Ameen Wani, killed by militants circa 2001), operated in Anantnag and had 90 cases of murder registered against him - he had boasted to Srinagar weekly Chattan that he had killed 300 persons; “K.K.” of Anantnag; Liaqat, “Ikhwan” commander in south Kashmir, etc.

They had struck a deal with the Army in 1993 to work for it secretly but were exposed very soon and ever since live in army areas and security zones. One such outfit of surrendered militants was called “Muslim Mujahidin” which later disbanded itself being unable to carry out the dirty tasks assigned to it and it repented publicly. One such criminal facing a murder trial is Ghulam Mohammad Mir alias Muma Kanna who received Padma Shri, one of India’s highest civilian awards this year, for which he was recommended by no less than Farooq Abdullah, a current Union Minister and a former chief minister of J&K. Despite an outcry, the award was not cancelled.  Another such surrendered militant is Afzal Guru falsely implicated in the Parliament attack case while he was in fact despatched to Delhi by his handlers in J&K. Like Salwa Judum, J&K’s Village Defence Committees and Ranvir Sena, Kashmir’s surrendered militants are a blot on India’s forehead. Time has come for India to dissociate itself fully from such criminals and sincerely apologise to the people of Kashmir for their crimes and compensate the victims.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 May 2011 on page no. 17

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