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Seventh Annual day of Alliance School Murshidabad

By MG Correspondent

Jalangi (Murshidabad) : Alliance School Murshidabad, a combination of modern education and Islamic culture is trying to retrieve Murshidabad's lost glory. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the hearts of the people of Uttar Ghoshpara and adjoining villages  for the 7th annual day of the Alliance School Murshidabad held on 28 November. A galaxy of local and other dignitaries assembled on this day to commemorate this big day in an area thirsty for education. The chief guest was Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan, editor of The Milli Gazette, President of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat and chairman of Charity Alliance which started and runs this school. With him there was a famous international journalist, Voice of America and Al Jazira correspondent Shaikh Azizur Rahman. Among the local dignitaries was Siladittya Haldar, chairman of Murshidabad Zilla Parishad, representatives of the Department of Education, principal and teachers of some schools in the area, pardhan of Uttar Ghoshpara, former West Bengal police officer Masihur Rahman who is active in dissemination of education in the state and many others.

Children of Alliance School presenting a song

The school was started in 2008 although Charity Alliance entered this area in 2005 after hunger deaths were reported. It continued offering food and medical support for years. Thereafter a vocational training centre was started, then came the school which has now reached Standard VIII. The education is so good that students of the school easily pass in tests of Bengal's good schools and received stipends from the state government for their good performance. The school has enough land to expand and as of now operates from temporary bamboo huts but this does not dent the spirits of the teahers and students. Visitors praised the dedication of the teachers in this rural area. Dedication of the people of the area was evident from over a thousand attending the school day. Women represented around 80 percent of the audience.

In the inaugural speech, the school's administrator Golam Kibria said, "Jalangi block is the most backward in Murshidabad district. The youth of the locality have to go either in Kerala, Gujarat or Mumbai to earn their livelihood. Two-thirds of the total population are Muslims here. We have raised a voice from Uttar Ghoshpara, a village of the backward block Jalangi. Our aim and object is to make our students fit for the competitive exams and higher studies. We do all very can to develop the brains of the students."

Shaikh Nazrul Islam of the West Bengal Department of Education said that this school is better than government schools. Teachers are punctual while in government schools they come late.

Sukhchand Ali, pardhan of Uttar Ghoshpara said that in government schools mothers don't show up on such occasions but here they are present because they have been involved by the school management which is a good strategy. He said he could have sent his children to other schools but he is getting them educated here because of good education as well as good moral training which is also very important.

Dr Abul Hasanat, a physician and social worker of Murshidadabad observed that the large presence of women here has proved me wrong, while Masood Alam, a government school teacher said that children here are healthy and better morally. They perform in sports better than government schools.

Masihur Rahman, a retired police officer who is engaged in promotion of education in the state, said Dr Khan came from Delhi. He could have distributed relief and gone but he did not do it. He said, "I am in touch with education movement for the last 30 years but we have been unable to reach that destination yet. It seems as if Dr. Khan has slapped on both my cheeks by establishing such a quality school at Uttar Ghoshpara.  The quality of the students here is praiseworthy . Lack of buildings will not create a problem here. One day building too will be constructed. We have some very well-to-do people but they did not think of opening a school here."

Dr Khan in his speech stressed on good education as the only way for our people to progress. He said, "Education is just like a staircase by which success can be attained in life".  He exhorted the villagers to be good neighbours to each other, solve their problems among themselves without going to police and wasting their money in courts, ensure good hygience in their homes and villages and help each other as much as they can.

Children presented a variety of shows especially a drama, "Pachar" was staged by the tiny wonders of the school.    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2015 on page no. 13

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