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Inauguration of Emloyment Information Centre at Aurangabad

Aurangabad: An Employment Information Centre sponsored by All India Muslim OBC Organisation was inaugurated by Mujtaba Farooq, general secretary of All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat at Aurangabad on 21 January when Shabbir Ahmad Ansari, President of All India Muslim OBC Organisation was also present. Speaking on this occasion he (Mujtaba Farooq) described the aims and objectives of this Centre and said that unemployment is the most serious and important problem of the country and for its solution we shall have to work in an organised way and use all the available means and resources which can be helpful for this. He said that the rate of unemployment in Muslim youth is more as compared to other communities and sections, not because of dearth of education among them but because of lack of correct information and proper guidance. Keeping this situation in mind, this organisation has set up this Centre for (Muslim) youth in the heart of the city which is equipped with all kinds of facilities and information particularly in respect of employment opportunities in different government, semi government organisations as well as higher and professional education, by various welfare and social organisations within and outside or foreign countries as, for example, recruitment in railways, police and armed forces (army, navy, air force), banks and financial institutions and information and guidance about how to apply on-line, how to fill up forms, supply of necessary documents and papers etc.

Mr. Mujtaba Farooq, in reply to the honour and welcome accorded him for his appointment as secretary general of AIMMM, said while thanking for the honour conferred that, for the protection of Indian Muslim identity, honour and their survival a powerful, united and effective Muslim leadership is very essential. He said that there is no dearth of educated and capable people among Muslims but because of absence of mutual cooperation and contacts among them they are facing various problems because planned and organised conspiracies are being hatched against their milli and educational institutions, particularly AMU and Jamia Millia Islamia to abolish their minority character but Majlis-e Mushawarat will in no case allow this and in cooperation with all secular parties, organisations and countrymen will fight against this.

About Majlis-Mushawarat he said that in view of the massacre of Muslims in the country and their all-round backwardness it (AIMMM) started working in 1970s under the leadership of Dr. Syed Mahmood and in a short period it extricated Muslims from such bad condition and succeeded in creating self confidence and courage in them and enabled them to face the challenges. He further said that this new committee of Mushawarat will InshaAllah work in cooperation with all milli, religious, social and welfare organisations of Muslims to boldly face all challenges.

It may be stated in this connection that All India Muslim OBC Organisation has been working for the past about 40 years for the benefit of Muslims, particularly their backward and weaker sections and the Employment Information Centre is a part of its activities for improving the overall condition of Muslims. The offices of this Centre are located at Plot No. 4, Katkat Road, near Maharashtra Public School, Nehru Nagar, Aurangabad. This Centre too was inaugurated by Mujtaba Farooq Saheb. All speakers who spoke on this occasion like Sayyad Mukhtar, Advocate Nawab Patel, Abdul Majeed who has been providing guidance to Muslim youth in education and employment etc assured of all possible cooperation and help to this Organisation as well as the Employment Information Centre. The function ended with a prayer by Maulana Muhammad Sadiq Nadwi.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 February 2016 on page no. 13

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