Ayush Ministry's reply is misleading

Below are the other Ayush-related RTIs provided to us by Mr Pushp Sharma which show the kind of questions he was posing and the answers he was receiving from various sections of the Ayush Ministry.

We make it clear that the freelance journalist (Mr Pushp Sharma -, who wrote the story, stands by his story. We have asked him for more details and copies of other related RTIs and we will post the same online as soon as we receive them.

The Ayush Ministry’s rebuttal to our story is factually incorrect. The ministry is talking about a different RTI filed by the same journalist at about same time, and concerns foreign yoga experts invited to attend the Yoga conference last year while our story talks about Yoga teachers sent out from India. This will become clear from the RTI replies below – Editor, MG.

Click here for the Clarification regarding RTI of Shri Pushp Sharma by The Ministry of AYUSH


RTI responses to Pushp Sharma from Ayush Ministry by The Milli Gazette

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