The stagnant Muslim community and its challenges

Farheen Sultana

Muslims get too excited whenever they hear words such as “Subhan Allah” and “Masha Allah” from politicians. And start screaming, “Oh, look! He is a Muslim, he is one of us”. Muslims keep running after politicians who make false promises, instead of getting those prmises fulfilled but end up receiving another set of false promises.

The question is who is to be blamed for the backwardness of Muslims? Is it America? Israel?

To a great extent, Muslims are responsible for their own plight.  Glorifying victimhood is the favourite card played by politicians. Lack of education, I believe, is a major determinant factor when it comes to analysing the backwardness of the community. Although, this factor isn’t solely responsible, those who are well-educated don’t realise their responsibility towards their community.  Either children do not take admission in schools, or  they drop out a few years. Thus the community lacks representation within the system. Some sections sit at tea stalls criticising the system and some get busy befooling their fellow community members in the name of various organisations, NGOs and political parties.

The second reason is disunity. Sectarianism is so deeply ingrained in our minds that we forget our collective identity of being Muslim. Among Muslims, like among followers of any other religion, there is an element of rigidity. Each sect has adopted its own interpretation of the Qur’an. And they not only oppose the other people vehemently but label them as kafirs. These matters of faith, I believe, are personal to everyone. Hence, should not be judged..

The need of the hour is to act wisely and hold firmly on to the rope of oneness. A moderate approach harms nobody, but an extreme one does. The resulting negativity consumes the self, the community and the society.  It is time when active participation of this stagnant community is needed.   The silence of the moderate majority of the Muslim world is allowing extremists to define Islam, the religion of peace. No one will defend us in the times of crisis, only our actions will!    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2016 on page no. 11

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