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MOEMIN & AMP hold Social Leadership Summit

New Delhi: Aa three-day "National Social Leadership Summit" was here at the India Islamic Cultural Centre during 4-6 March by Movement for Empowerment of Muslim Indians (MOEMIN) and Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP). Inaugurating the event, H D Deve Gowda, former Prime Minister of India,  said that the Parliamentary Democracy is at the crossroads and quality of debates inside the temple of democracy is not what it used to be and the whole system will lapse if correct measures are not taken.. With reference to the demands of reservation of Muslim community, he gave the example of Karnataka, how the correct legislation ensured the bill stands and people are able to reap the benefit of such provisions.

Christian community leader and Civil Rights activist John Dayal said that Kanahiya has not been infected but its the larger society which has been infected. He spoke about the need for being inclusive in our institutions. He laid emphasis on strengthening our composite culture.  The threat from communalism is not only for Muslims but it equally threaten Christians and other sections of society. He was critical of the hyper-nationalist media, which is playing with the sentiments of people.

Member of Parliament Dr. Sugata Bose gave the example of how Gandhi, Nehru and Ali Brothers co-existed in the same sphere despite having differences. He said he is not a communist, but he supports Kanahiya and people should learn from this young man. He said that Muslims have played an important role in nation-building even before the India got its independence. He asked Muslims to draw inspiration from their leaders who were equal stakeholders in India's struggle.

Apoorvananad Jha, Professor at Delhi University, spoke  about the importance of gender equality among Muslims. Muslims should not be afraid or apprehensive of their religious identity. Responding to a question he said it's time that Muslims while giving examples of Prophet Mohammad should also set examples in terms of character and conduct in their social life.

Manoj Jha Professor at Delhi School of Social Work and National Spokesperson of RJD objected to the compartmentalization of nationalism and how people disregard the national flag when they limit it to their own definition of patriotism. He said the suicide note written by Rohit Vemula is a note of suicide of a civilization. Dr Jha said that the Idea of India is very flexible and every discussion can held under its umbrella. The enemies of this idea have mastered the art of creating fear. He criticized the prevailing political system where political parties have become machines for fighting elections.

Shabnam Hashmi, of ANHAD and Justice Kolse Patil also addressed the gathering.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 March 2016 on page no. 13

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