Gujarat fake encounter specialists visit dargahs

Divine justice boomeranged on several fake encounter specialists whose sins have forced them to seek solace at dargahs. A formerly happy and affluent police officer, responsible for Sadiq Jamal’s murder, is now suffering from a number of diseases. He has now realised that his sins had boomeranged on him. His relatives approached Sadiq Jamal’s mother apologising with folded hands and saying: “Sahib is seriously ill. Please pray for his long life so that he becomes well soon.” However, a mother who had lost her son at the hands of this officer could not pray for his welfare. She bluntly told his relatives: “Mere bachche ko bemaut maar dala; iss liye aisa sab hoga hee. Mein aapke sahib ke liye kabhi du’a nahin mangoogi” (He killed my son before he had to die and this was bound to happen. I will never pray for him). The police inspector involved had a very painful end.

It is clear that though justice in Sadiq Jamal’s case in the earthly court might be delayed (or even denied) but the Divine Court gave a quick verdict. The officer suffered one disease after another culminating in blood cancer. Other officers too are extremely disturbed and have begun visiting innumerable dargahs.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 June 2011 on page no. 1

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