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Contentmart: Looking for content writers? Look for Contentmart!

The Google updates have dramatically affected the landscape of SEO and Digital Marketing. It has shifted its focus from thousands of spam backlinks to giving the site more relevant and valuable content. Google seems to penalize websites using old practices like keyword stuffing, scrapping and duplicating content for optimizing search engine.
So, with this increase need of quality content, businesses now require expertise who can help them curate content for successful digital marketing.

Content Mart India

One such platform where clients can find writers and vice versa is It is the only Indian freelance job portal that provides opportunities to freelance writers and provides desired content writers to the clients.

Why Contentmart?
Launched in 2015, is a freelance writer’s portal that is open to users across the globe. The interface is a unique in its niche as it limits itself to content related projects. A hotspot where the client meets the writer through a bid process. The clients post their requirements with a quoted price and writers bid for the project. The client awards the project and thus a relationship is formed.
To make the process smoother and faster, Contentmart has revamped its look and feel making it easier for both the client and writer.

The Uniqueness about Contentmart
What sets Contentmart apart from other freelance portals is that it has limited itself to only content based freelance projects. Not only does the site provides opportunities to writers, it makes sure that the writers are working for a genuine client.

Content Writing India

It’s a perfect example of mutual interchange of demand and supply, concentrated solely on content. It is one and only of its kind that makes it unique.

What New Does Contentmart Has?
Only in months of its start, the key people worked to make the portal completely user-friendly. With beginning days passed taking out scopes for improvements and developments, today the site has a lot more user-friendly interface. The revamped look is compelling a lot of genuine appreciation from the users.
It has a more neat and contemporary look. The techs are constantly working to further improve the look and feel of the portal and as a result the product is a pleasing freelance portal.

What Attracts the Clients and Writers to Contentmart?
First things first, the existence of the portal as a freelance website is specialised in content services, is one of the prime reasons clients and writers prefer Contentmart. Secondly, money matters; Contentmart offers the most transparent and fully secured payment process.

It works like this:
A writer bids on a project and if awarded the payable amount is blocked from the client. On the other hand, to assure the quality of the content, the payment is only released when the client is satisfied with what has been delivered. So the portal works for both the parties equally satisfying the needs of both creating a spontaneous trust.
So fulfil all your content needs with all new avatar of Contentmart for you.


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