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Lecture by Prof. Samdani at Jaunpur school

Jaunpur: "Education symbolises life while illiteracy is death. Neither an educated person can be misguided nor his rights be curtailed. Through education the weakest and the most backward sections of the society have attained a respectable place in society, have upgraded their status and brought laurels to the nation also," said President of the Sir Syed Awareness Forum Prof. Shakeel Samdani. He was speaking as Chief Guest at Shahana International School here on 24 April. He added that Sachar Committee and many other commissions have proved that Muslims are educationally and economically most backward and the only way to remove this backwardness is trhough acquiring education. For this purpose, the community should focus its attention towards establishment of educational institutions of high standard. He said that most people in their lifetime have constructed a house, but some have established numerous colleges and institutions in their life. We should support them.

Prof. Samdani being welcomed at the Shahana School

Emphasising on the importance of legal education, Prof. Shakeel Samdani said that in addition to medical and engineering, legal profession too has gained the status of one of the best professions today. In our country the importance of legal education is constantly increasing. The need of the hour is to adopt legal profession and establish standard law colleges throughout India.

In his lecture, Prof. Samdani observed that in addition to education (Ta'leem), good upbringing (Tarbiyat) is also necessary. Islam focuses on good training and the founder of the great seat of learning Aligarh Muslim University made good arrangement for the moral training of the students.

Prof. Shakeel Samdani said that Jaunpur has always been a centre of learning and that's why Shahana International School is also developing as a model school where one finds a good combination of Taleem and Tarbiyat. Prof. Samdani exhorted the gathering specially the students to study Indian constitution which, in his opinion, is one of the best constitutions of the world, where everybody has equal rights and equal opportunities to develop his personality. Minorities have been given additional rights to establish the educational institutions of their choice and to protect their language and culture. He requested the college administration to organize special programs on communal harmony, tolerance, secularism and composite Indian culture.    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 May 2016 on page no. 13

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