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Riot in Razzaqpur village of Phoolpur

Phoolpur (Azamgarh):  Rioters caused communal violence in village Razzaqpur under thana Pawai, using the loudspeaker of the village mosque as a bone of contention. They beat up the ‘muazzin’ with sticks, who had started calling for ‘Isha’ prayer, disrupting the azan and the Isha prayer. Worshippers had to run away from the mosque to save their lives. The miscreants then turned to the houses of the worshippers and abused them. A large contingent of police force was rushed to the village to restore peace.

According to a report, the villagers of Razzaqpur had arranged a religious congregation on 30 April, which was also attended by the residents of nearby villages. Hindus of the village took offence, objecting to the use of loudspeaker. Angered by this gathering, they assembled on 4 May in the house of Henal Yadav near the mosque. As soon as the ‘muazzin’, one Master [Teacher] Ilyas, stood for calling the ‘Azan’, scores of people came out of the house of Henal Yadav waving sticks and abusing the Muslims. Ilyas and other worshippers ran to the safety of their homes. Still, pursuing Muslims to their homes, the Hindus banged their houses, warning them that if they want to live in the village, they will have to remove the loudspeaker from atop the mosque.

Muslims informed the police of thana Pawai about this. Besides SO Pawai, SDM Phoolpur and CO Phoolpur rushed to the village and posted police and PAC teams in sufficient strength to control the situation. A meeting of both the communities was called on 5 May at Phoolpur which was attended by the CO and SDM Phoolpur who exhorted both the communities to live in peace. They also warned the Muslims that if they want to live in peace, they should remove the loudspeaker from the mosque and pronounce azan for the prayer without the loudspeaker. Muslims removed the loudspeaker, but they are angry at the one-sided action of the police. This village has only a dozen Muslim homes.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 June 2016 on page no. 15

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