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Goons prospering in the name of ‘cow protection groups’

Chandigarh: The Punjab & Haryana High Court, taking a firm stand on the crimes committed in the name of ‘cow protection’, has asked the Chief Secretary of the state and the Director General of Police (DGP), Haryana, to deal firmly with such elements which are taking law in their hands and spreading lawlessness in the state. A bench of the high court instructed the DGP to deal firmly with these elements. The court said that nobody can be allowed to take law in his hand and if lawlessness is not controlled, people would lose confidence in rule of law. It is worth-noting that a body of a youth, identified as Masteen from Saharanpur (U.P.), was discovered sometime ago from Shahabad town of Kurukshetra. Father of the deceased had applied for the case to be handed over to CBI, to which the court agreed and ordered to transfer the DCSP, DSP and SHO to places far off from Shahabad. Also, the court objected to the role of the groups prospering in the name of ‘cow protection groups’ (CPGs). The court said that the state government does not seem serious in checking people who take the law in their hands. The court further said that the manner in which the government is acting under the influence of such groups is disturbing. Father of the deceased (Masteen) had filed a habeas corpus petition for the youth. During the enquiry it was discovered that a CPG had stopped the vehicle of the youth by blocking the road and had claimed that the people inside the vehicle had first opened fire. When the CPG didn’t leave the place, the youth ran away, leaving the vehicle behind, the CPG people claimed. The father of the deceased expressed apprehension that his son might have been killed in this case. The court objected to the role of the CPG in the case. The court also condemned the action of CPG in blocking the road and beating people. The court asked the chief secretary and the DGP to take firm action against the perpetrators of such crimes.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 June 2016 on page no. 15

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