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Communal violence in Nizamabad, Azamgarh

Sarai Meer/Azamgarh:  Communal violence erupted in village Khudadadpur under thana Nizamabad of Azamgarh district on 14 May, in which ten people were injured, including the SDM. Police had to resort to lathi-charge and fire teargas shells to control the situation. Police arrested two members of the minority community. Fearing one-sided police action, Muslims panicked and tension prevailed in the village for days. A large contingent of police force was deployed in the village. Muslims have demanded action against the culprits without delay. Political and non-political leaders have toured the village and advised Muslims to keep patience.

According to a report, a feud had erupted between Muslims and Dalits on 3 May in Khudadadpur. Nursing this small quarrel, Musafir s/o Sita Ram and his friend Ajay Rai hatched a conspiracy with their friends on 14 May when a cricket match was going on in the village. Muslims smelling a rat were alert, while Musafir opened fire on Muhammad Danish s/o Zarar, which infuriated the minority community. Hindus set on fire their own houses and started shouting for police action and alleging that Muslims did the arson.

Both the communities were infuriated and started stone-pelting at each other, in which many people including SDM Nizamabad, Anil Kumar, were injured. DM Suhas L.Y., Police chief along with Dayanand Pandey reached the spot with a police force and after firing teargas shells and resorting to lathi-charge, brought the situation under control. Meanwhile, police taking one-sided action, broke into the houses of Muhamad Talib s/o Ilyas and Zeeshan s/o Faizan. It abused them, took the two into custody. They also misbehaved with women and thrashed them. This infuriated Muslims who are very angry with the police.

The Congress MLA from Jaunpur Sadar, Nadim Javed, went to the village. He tried to cool the tempers and told the Muslims that keeping in view the one-sided attitude of police, they should keep patience, assuring them that they would be provided the necessary legal help. The state vice-president of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, Mufti Ashfaq Ahmad led a delegation to tour the village and assured the community that the Jamiat would provide them the necessary legal help. The treasurer of the Rashtriya Ulama Council, Maulana Shahab Akhtar also led a delegation to the village where he consoled the affected people and assured them that the Ulama Council would not tolerate any one-sided action in the matter. MIM also condemned the episode and demanded an even-handed enquiry into the matter. The Dist. president of MIM, Kaleem Jamaee, said that the police chief and SP city’s prejudiced behaviour against Muslims gave the conflict a communal colour.

The situation was normal on 15 May till the evening but at about 6:00 p.m. hundreds of people from adjoining villages stormed the village, while police and PAC had encircled the village from all sides. How those people entered the village, the administration is not prepared to answer. These miscreants damaged Muslims’ houses but the police didn’t intervene. Meanwhile, communal tension has spread to the nearby areas of Sarai Meer, Phoolpur and Sanjarpur.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 June 2016 on page no. 15

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