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Bridge Course in AMU

Aligarh: Director of AMU’s Bridge Course, Prof. Rashid Shaaz while speaking at the farewell function of Bridge Course here on 28 May said that this University’s Bridge Course is proving a torch bearer for other universities and educational institutions, the credit for which goes to Vice Chancellor Lt. Gen (Retd) Zamiruddin Shah, because it is he who first of all introduced this course in this university and for which he deserves our congratulations. He said that following this example other universities also are willing to introduce this course. He said that a feature film made on this wonderful experiment was also telecast recently on Al Ain (a township near Dubai) TV and BBC’s former representative, Satish Jacob has offered to prepare a documentary film on this.

Bridge Course’s Asstt Director Bachchan Ali Khan said while speaking on this occasion that through Bridge Course madrasa pass students have become capable of getting admissions in modern subjects of arts, social sciences, law etc and about 1.5 dozen (madrasa) students are already studying economics and more than half a dozen students are studying law. In addition to these subjects, quite a good number of students are studying other modern subjects also like BSW and Jamia Millia Islamia University’s Tourism and Hotel Management courses. Two students are doing BCA in Lucknow’s Integral university. Another speaker, Dr. Reyaz Ahmad Khan said that through Bridge Course, the possibility of Ulama and girl students of madrasas joining civil services and armed forces like navy and army etc in large number has become very bright. Yet another speaker, Dr. Muhammad Zaki Kirmani said while speaking at this farewell function that the process of deviating from paradigm is very difficult but Rashid Shaaz, by deviating from paradigm has tried to enable you, or rather enabled you (students) to march forward in life.

In addition to persons mentioned above, many other persons as well as students also expressed their views in this farewell function. It was finally decided that this course (Bridge Course) should be introduced on a large scale so that large number of intelligent boy and girl students from religious madrasas may be able to benefit from this course. Admission forms in large number are being received (for this course) in the University but it is equally important and necessary that Madrasa pass studetns all over the country should be made aware of the existence of this course and its importance for their future career and students of all sects and schools of thought should try to seek admission in this course. Last date for submission of admission forms (in AMU) is 16 June 2016 along with a Bank Draft of Rs. 200 in favour of ‘Finance Officer, AMU, Aligarh.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 June 2016 on page no. 14

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