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Delhi Law officer paid the price of honesty with his life

New Delhi: Muhammad Moin Khan, assistant law officer (or legal adviser) in New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) was shot dead by two motor-cycle borne assailants on 16 May near his residence in Okhla Jamia Nagar’s Jauhari Farm locality as he was returning home from office. He was rushed to Holy Family Hospital but declared dead on arrival. The story behind his murder is rather complicated and involves many people and factors i.e. owner of a hotel, a local political leader, hired killers, his own honesty and dutifulness.

According to some news report, a hotel, Hotel Connaught was built by NDCM about 15 years ago and was given to one Ramesh Kakkar on lease by NDMC, on the condition that he (Kakkar) would pay at least Rs 21 lakh every year to NDMC but if the earning from the hotel was very large, he should pay 23% of the earning every year to NDMC. However, Kakkar’s earnings were high but he continued to pay Rs. 21 lakh by depositing this amount in NDMC’s account. When Kakkar’s violation of the lease conditions came to be known, this matter was discussed by NDMC’s officials and a cumulative penalty of Rs. 140 crores was imposed on him and steps were also started for terminating his lease. All these problems i.e. violation of lease agreement etc were being handled by MM Khan, the law officer. Kakkar’s business dealings and activities were unlawful earlier also and he was involved in many such illegal and dishonest practices and there were many cases of cheating etc against him in different cities and courts. Kakkar, because of his misdeeds was guilt-conscious and was almost sure that MM Khan would submit an adverse report against him to NDMC so first he tried to bribe him, ranging from Rs. 2 lakh to even a couple of crores. When this had no effect on him (Khan) Kakkar tried to use the next weapon i.e. threat to his life. Though Khan mentioned these threats to his wife and his family members, he did not lodge any complaint in the police station about these threats. This was probably his mistake. When all attempts by Kakkar failed, he took the help of Kanwar Singh Tanwar, a BJP leader and Vice President/Chairman of NDMC to get Khan removed from his post in NDMC who allegedly wrote a letter also to Delhi’s Lt Governor Najeeb Jung requesting Khan’s transfer on the ground of his partiality. AAP’s Pradesh President, Dilip Pande in a press conference also accused Tanwar of complicity in Khan’s murder. Some AAP leaders, on this basis, accused Tanwar also for his role in Khan’s murder. On his part Tanwar rejected AAP leaders accusations against him and defended himself by saying that as BJP’s leader, many people come to him with their grievances and problems and he tries to solve their problems by writing to different officials, departments etc. So his letter to LG also was of the same nature.

Anyway, when all attempts of Kakkar failed, he hired a few contract killers to eliminate Khan and allegedly gave them a supari of Rs. 2 lakh. Persons hired by him (Kakkar) were his own body guard Ram Phool, contract killers Israil (or Ismail), Saleem Khan, Amir Alvi, Anwar Owais. However his bodyguard Ram Phool (or Ram Phal) himself exposed his master, Kakkar’s murderous plan on police assurance that if he becomes an approver, police will try to get him released at the earliest. Though police arrested Kakkar, the contract killers and some others, it is making further investigations also.

When AAP government was formed in Delhi, Khan was promoted as Estates Officer, an important post. He (Khan) was to submit his final report to NDMC on 17 May, but he was murderd a day before i.e. on 16 May. Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal visited the family of MM Khan in Jauhari Farm on 20 May, consoled them and announced a compensation of Rs. one crore, government job to his wife, meeting total expenses of education of her children by government, allotment of a government house to his family and meeting full expenses of legal battle if need for this arises. AAP-MLA from Okhla, Amanatullah Khan had also accompanied Kejriwal, among others.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 June 2016 on page no. 14

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