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Officers implicating innocents should be punished

New Delhi:  “In cases of terrorism, Muslim youth get acquitted due to lack of proof. The government is now trying to amend this law,” said the General Secretary of All-India Milli Council (AIMC), Dr. Manzoor Alam commenting on the statement of Union Law & Justice Minister, Sadananda Gowda. Dr Alam said, this leaves no doubt that innocent Muslim youth are being implicated in terror cases. He added that even during the British rule such laws were used against weaker sections of society. Past governments also did not do justice to Muslims and the present government is not better, he said. A clear proof of such treatment is the case of the innocent youth Nisar Ahmad who has been acquitted by the Supreme Court after 23 years of imprisonment. Today he is a living skeleton. Alam demanded that the officers who implicated him should be brought to justice and their responsibility should be fixed so that the campaign to please the rulers of the day may come to an end. It will also prove the superiority of law and the officers who go scot-free after implicating innocents, would be restrained. Alam demanded that those who are set free by the courts should get adequate compensation so that society may accept them and they are able to lead a decent life and the years that have been wasted may be compensated to some extent. Without court orders for adequate compensation, the accused is cut off from society, his life becomes difficult and his punishment continues for a sin which he did not commit. Besides, the judicial mechanism should be strengthened to empower magistrates to conduct enquiries and hand over their reports to the courts.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 June 2016 on page no. 15

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