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Akhlaq murder case resurfaces with Forensic Lab report

Noida: The murder of Muhammad Akhlaq of Dadri’s Bisahda village who was lynched by a violent and fanatic mob on 28 September last year (2015) on the rumour and suspicion that his family had consumed beef (cow meat) because this meat was found in his fridge had almost died down after about 8 months, when, suddenly news appeared in newspapers that after testing this meat in Mathura’s Forensic Laboratory it was found that it was in fact beef (cow meat or its progeny (bullock etc).  The sample of ‘this meat’ was in fact tested in the forensic laboratory of UP University of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry in Muthura in the first week of October 2015 itself i.e. a few days after Akhlaq’s murder but was kept secret because of some expediency. Then suddenly on 31 May or 1 June news appeared that after test it was found to be beef i.e. cow meat (mention of cow meat clearly is to remove the confusion because the word ‘beef’ is normally used for buffalo meat also). After the report of the forensic laboratory was made public, that it was indeed beef, the BJP activists, family members of those who were arrested for their complicity in Akhlaq’s murder as well as villagers of Bisahda, in order to partly justify the hooliganism of the violent mob, some of whom were actually involved in his murder by hitting and beating him to death, expressed their intention to file a case against Akhlaq’s family members for possessing and consuming beef, which in fact is not a crime in UP, though slaughtering a cow is a crime legally. However, the important point in the forensic laboratory’s report that it was beef, and not mutton, is that the sample of meat that was sent to Mathura’s forensic laboratory for testing was not the one taken from Akhlaq’s fridge but was taken from some other place and sent to the lab for testing. This was confirmed by a senior police officer himself to the English daily Times of India, saying that the sample in question was indeed beef but in no way it was proved that Akhlaq had either stored or had consumed beef as this was not the meat sample collected from his house. This was in fact collected from a place near his house in Bisahda village. This clearly shows that the meat tested in the forensic laboratory and found to be beef was not from Akhlaq’s fridge. How then can he (Akhlaq) or his family members be declared guilty of keeping or consuming beef? It appears that laboratory members or staff have messed up the whole matter to create confusion. Many persons are doubting the report and suspecting malafide intention of the forensic laboratory officers and probably because of this, chairman of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee’s minority cell Ali Mehdi has demanded that strictest action should be taken against lab staff or officers for preparing a wrong report, adding that by presenting a false report, government wants to protect the persons complicit in Akhlaq’s murder. He said that it is Akhilesh government’s responsibility to take strong action not only against the culprits but lab officers as well as those involved in manipulating or getting the forensic report manipulated and warned that if he fails to do this, people will be compelled to start a movement against this.    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 June 2016 on page no. 15

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