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Muslims most affected by commercialization of education

Jaipur: Maulana Fazlur Rahim Mujaddidi, an educationist and chairman of Crescent IAS Academy said in his keynote address while speaking at a seminar on ‘Challenges of modern educational sysem’ sponsored by Millat Foundation for Educational Research and Development in Rajasthan State Conference that Muslims have become the biggest victims of commercialization of education. He said that earlier, education used to be the means of rendering social service but now it has become a saleable commodity in the market. He said that ever since education has been treated as a commercial product, and business minded people and corporate houses have entered educational field, acquisition of quality and standard education has become a distant dream for the poor. He explained that a common man spends, on an average, Rs. 1300 annually on education (acquisition of education) whereas middle class people spend on an average Rs. 15000 (annually), which obviously will affect the standard of education. He regretted that now even the government has become a party to it and state as well as central universities have started self-financing schemes for education, biggest victims of which are Muslims because they have no money. He said that ever since education has been commercialised, compartmental or divisional system has started in schools and educational institutions i.e. lower, middle and upper classes have been set up, with the result that school teachers, instead of taking classes and teaching students in schools, have started opening and teaching in coaching centres because in these coaching centres they earn many times more than in schools.

He said that truly speaking the process of associating education with trade and commerce i.e. commercialisation of education was started by Thomas Macaulay in 1835 when while proposing to entrust education to private institutions he had associated education with the market, the adverse effect of which was that whereas on one side Arabic, Persian and Urdu began to be eliminated, English was introduced and promoted so that people, though Indian in blood and colour, became English in thinking and outlook.

As regards challenges of modern educational system, he said that we (Muslims) do not have even one percent of basic structure of education because of which we have great shortage of standard and good quality schools and we have great shortage of very promising and efficient students. He said that in India, rich and resourceful people have many opportunities. Hence rich and resourceful Muslims should pay attention to this aspect so that in order to meet the challenges, more and more standard and good quality schools should be set up where standard and quality education could be provided at much lower cost.

Syed Anwar Shah of Millat Foundation for Educational Research and Development said that his Foundation is carrying on a movement to create educational awareness and opening good quality and standard educational institutions in different states of the country and its schools are functioning in many states, in which value-based education is being imparted.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 July 2016 on page no. 14

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