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Foundation stone of Madrasa Qayamul Uloom laid

Dadri: Foundation stone of Madrasa Qayamul Uloom’s new building in the new colony of Dadri was laid on 5 June. Speaking on this occasion Syed Tufail Ahmad said that the intention and objective of this Madrasa which was set up four years ago is that along with wordly or modern education, religious education also should be provided to millat’s children because our new generation is so much occupied with modern education that it has no knowledge at all about religion and Shariat’s commands. For this purpose this madrasa has been set up so that children of this madrasa may be able to acquire, along with religious and Qur’anic education, worldly or modern education also. He said that at present local children are being imparted basic religious education along with Qur’anic education and in future arrangements will be made for Hifz department. Madrasa’s Principal Muhammad Ashraf said while speaking on this occasion that this madrasa (Madrasa Qayammul Uloom) was set up four years ago under Tagore Public School Committee (Regd) and ever sicne that time it was being run in a rented building but now a piece of land for this madrasa has been purchased and today the foundation stone of madrasa’s own building has been laid.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 July 2016 on page no. 15

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