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Food aid distributed in Murshidabad by Charity Alliance

New Delhi: Charity Alliance trust, as every year since 2005, distributed Ramadan food packets among poor people in and around Uttar Ghoshpara area of Murshidabad, West Bengal. A total of 240 families received food packets containing six kg rice, 0.5 litre mustard oil, 0.5 kg sugar, 0.5 kg pulses, 0.3 kg lachha. Each packet cost was Rs. 300 while the total cost of the food aid was Rs 72,000.

Charity Alliance is active in this area since 2005 and runs here a quality school and vocational training centre. Charity Alliance trust is headed by Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, Editor of the Milli Gazette. He takes personal interest in this area and visits it once or twice every year. Muslim majority-Murshidabad is among the most backward and poor Muslim areas in India.

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