Police raids BJP leader’s house: arms factory found

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Gwalior: AK-47, the latest weapon used by army and police, SLR and 9mm pistol, cartridges in large quantities and other types of half-a-dozen weapons were found in the house of a BJP leader when police raided it. Police has been interrogating the son of the absconding arms dealer.

The crime branch was apprised that Gopendra Singh, son of BJP leader Jai Singh Bhadoria, had been making weapons. A team, headed by Sudesh Tiwari, raided the house in the Kashi Naresh Gali where it found tools for making arms, weapons and cartridges. Gopendra’s son has been arrested. Preliminary facts reveal that this has been going on for several years.
Here is a detailed list of the arms recovered in the raid:
Weapon                 Quantity
AK-47                    1
SLR                       1
9 MM                     1
315 bore                8
32 bore                  5
303                         9
12 bore                  2
old weapons          2

Weapons recovered
Weapon                             Quantity
315 bore double barrel            3
315 bore (Single)                     2
315 bore Katta                          1

(Source: Patrika Hindi daily, 9 May 2011)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 June 2011 on page no. 13

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