What Akbar Allahabadi said about the mentality of Indian Muslims in his time remains true even today

S.M. Pasha
Khuda hafiz musalmanon ka aye Akbar,
Mujhe toh unkee khush-halee say hay yaas.
Yeh aashiq shaahide maqsood ke hain
Na jayangay wa lekin sayee ke paas.
Sunaoun thujhko ek farzee lateefa
Kiya hai jis ko maine zebe qirtaas.
Kaha Majoon say yeh Laila kee maan nay
Ke beta tu agar M.A. karle pass
Toh fauran biyaah doon Laila ko tujhse
Bila diqqat mein ban jaaoon teri saas
Kaha majnoon ne yeh achchee sunaayee
Kuja aashiq, kuja kaalij ki bakwaas
Kuja yeh fitratee joshe tabee-at
Kuja thoonsi hue cheezon ka ehsaas
Badee Bee, aap ko kya hogaya hai?
Hiran par laadi jaati hai kaheen ghaas?

Yeh acchee qadar danee, aap nay kee
Mujhay samjhah hai koyee Har Charan Das
Dil toh apna khoon karne ko hoon maujood
Naheen manzoor maghze sarkaar aamas
Yehee thehree jo sharte wasle Laila
Toh istisfaa mera ba hasrat-o-yas.

May God protect the Muslim community, for I have no hope that it will prosper;
They are anxious to achieve what they desire but fail to make any effort.
Let me tell you a fictional joke which I have recorded in black and white.
Said Laila’s mother to Majnoon
“Obtain an M.A. [Master of Arts]”
Replied Majoon : “What’s happened to you, old lady?
How wrongly you estimate my worth.
You take me to be yet another Harcharan Das
If this be the condition to wed
Then here is my resignation with deep regret.    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 August 2016 on page no. 2

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