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Prof. MUHAMMAD SALAHUDDIN UMRI of AMU’s Department of Arabic has been honoured by Raza Library of Rampur with Nawab Faizullah Khan award for his valuable research work on Arabic language and literature. He was conferred PhD degree for his research works on Muhammad Husain Haikal ka Arbi Zaban mein Hissah. He was also honoured with ‘Noqoosh Award’ on his book Allah ka Tasawwur Qur’an wa Hadees ki Roshni mein. He is author of many other books in Urdu and Arabic.
SHOAIB CHAUDHARY, film producer was honoured with ‘UP Ratn Award’ by All India Conference of Intellectuals for promotion of communal harmony, brotherhood and humanity’s friends at a function held at Delhi’s India International Centre on17 July. Others who also were honoured with this Award are Urdu poet POPULAR MEERUTHI and MAHA MANDLESHWARA on this occasion. Among those who were honoured with this Award in previous years were MUZAFFAR ALI, RAMANAND SAGAR, both associated with Indian film industry.
ASJAD HUSAIN, a research scholar in AMU’s Department of English has been honoured by America’s Davio Community Church with ‘Ambassador of Peace’ Honour. In addition to this, California University also honoured him with complimentary certificate in recognition of his valuable services. Recently he returned to India after successfully completing Fullbright Foreign Language Teaching Course. During his stay of about ten months in the USA he delivered lectures on Indian culture and civilization and also taught Urdu and Hindi to the students and also played the role of India’s Cultural Ambassador.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 August 2016 on page no. 12

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