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“Green flag” on mosque

Gorakhpur: A Pakistani look-alike green flag on a mosque in Gulriha created a tense atmosphere in the area. Police however, immediately got the flag removed and cooled down tempers of people, inquired into the incident and arrested the youth who allegedly had done it. According to the police, two flags were found but they were religious flags. No official, confirmation was available about these being Pakistani flags but investigations are going on. One Subedaar Khan works as a labourer in Muhammad Chakhan village. His son Sharif climbed the village mosque on 27 June late night and installed a green coloured flag on the roof of the mosque which resembled a Pakistani flag. Next morning when people of the village saw this flag, there was some tension. Some people got it photographed by their mobiles and informed the local police post. The police chowki incharge Sanjay Yadav immediately reached the place along with some policemen and got the flag removed. Meanwhile, police made an appeal to people to maintain peace. At noon the same day Thana Incharge of Gulriha Sunil Singh arrested the youth who had put up the flag, brought him to the police station and questioned him. SDM of Sadadr and CO of Gorakhnath, D. N. Shukla also reched the village and enquired into the situation.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 August 2016 on page no. 14

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